my sites not maing any sales

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Hi everyone this is my first post on W.F. I have a website which seems to get a lot of traffic,but it never makes any money.I have an amazon shop. adsense and the affillate links in place but no sales.Would anyone know were I am going wrong.
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    you just asked a question similar to which religion is better...there are hundreds of things that could be wrong.

    whats your url?

    and "a lot of traffic" please give some idea. like 100 a day?... 1 million day?
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      Typically when a website that's getting good traffic is failing to convert, it's one of these 2 issues or a combination of both:

      1. The keywords that are driving traffic to your website are not targeted or they're not focused. The keywords that you should focus on ranking for need to have good "intent to buy" and also need to match the content of the page that the user lands on.

      2. Your website is not optimized to maximize conversions. Almost never is a web page excellent on your first attempt. A website needs to evolve over time and get better and better. Basic A-B split testing can make this happen for you!
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        Get google analytics on it and check your bounce rate, the lower the %age and higher the average time the better

        Bounce Rate relates to visitor interest and how long they're staying on your site, if they're not staying then your content is either not related to the subject they searched for or, with being an amazon shop, is just too complex/difficult to navigate/stuffed with too much
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    Rechecking the keywords you choose would be on top consideration.
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    Welcome to the WF.

    Hard to say without a link, but it could be a niche that is saturated.
    Even though you're getting visitors (how many?) they don't convert and this could be due to the structure or content on your pages.

    Only guessing, but have you ever had someone appraise your site?
    Sometimes this can be a huge help when you're getting started, and another set of eyes can help tweak your site to result in conversions.
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    I agree with Dave on this, but one thing I'd like to add. Is your site full of ads and a ton of content? If you get a lot of traffic, that's great, thing is you need to have a presentable website. When you share the link I can reply further.
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    Hey brian182, you've came to the right place.

    It really boils down to what your marketing strategy is, and how well you've implemented it. For example if you're goal is to get traffic through Google, how does your site rank currently for your targeted keywords?

    Choose 1 or 2 marketing strategies to focus on and don't give up. Sometimes it takes a while but the payoff can be huge. That's why we love doing what we do and it's what separates us from the rest of the crowd.

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