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by sam770
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Hi All,
I am pretty new on Amazon and I realized that I am getting commission on stuff I didn't advertise for on my site. Is this because of the cookie sent with my visitor?
Does it work like this in other affiliate networks as well or is it unique for Amazon?
Would appreciate your input on this.

Sam's Wife
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    Amazon's cookies will give you credit for anything the person buys within 24 hours. So if you link somebody to a Playstation 3 and they buy games, a controller, or even a tv, you get the commission. Good luck! ~defy
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    Yup, that's why they say just get as many visitors to Amazon's site as you can, and let
    them do the converting. My first commission was for the
    "Chucky, Bride of Chucky and Son of Chucky" Blu Ray set.

    Did my site have anything to do with horror movies? Nope, it was
    a review of electric guitar amps!

    Does that bother me one bit? Not at all.

    Good luck,
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      With my few Amazon review sites, I sell many items I've never even dreamed of promoting. Even if it's small items it all contributes to your sales numbers and thus increases your commission rate.

      I once sold 100 cheap cardboard folders at just pennies each, but they did wonders in boosting my commission rate...
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    What if the cookie lasted for a year! Ya'll be swimming in money!
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