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Quick question.

How much would you charge someone if you were writing them a new 1000 word article?

How much would you charge them to manually spin an existing 1000 word article? *I just mean spinning it so it will pass copyscape and still read very well.

I just wonder which people think is more difficult. I've written lots of articles and just got offered a job to spin some manually and am wondering if it will be more or less work for me.

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    Seeing as you already charge $5 for a 1,000 word article, I'd guess to spin it would be an extra $3 bucks or so...

    You should totally up your fees for a 1,000 word article, providing that it's completely original..
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      Hi Seatbelt99,
      I agree with Bright-Eyed, I'd up your price too - as long as the quality is there & it's original then $5 for 1000 wds is too low

      As for a price for spinning simply have a go and compare the time it takes you to write the original. Then test the price you come up with and see how folks bite, then adjust if necessary
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    At first it might take you roughly the same amount of time to spin/re-write the article properly. After a while though you'll learn tricks and the whole process will be as much as 5-10x faster than writing a completely original article.

    Spinning doesn't require any research so it's almost always quicker once you're used to it.
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    i agree with unnatural.
    at the very initial period, both ways will cost some certain time to manage.
    but as times goes by, spinning will be much faster than original one.
    besides, i want to add something, although original one cost more time, but the quality is higher.
    so spinning focus on quantity, and original on quality.
    in my opinion, they are equal on some extent.
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    I would charge $10 for 1000 words and $5 for the spin.

    Jermaine "Lead Monster" Steele

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    My current rate is 3 cents per word. Whether I'm rewriting or writing the original piece, I'm still writing, so 3 cents a word it is.
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    It's so cheap and/or easy to produce unique content that I've never really understood why people "spin" their content (articles or any type of content). To me, lazy equates to short-lived results (and often times minimal short-term results).
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    Spinning doesn't require any research so it's almost always quicker once you're used to it.
    If you are rewriting and/or spinning to a high standard then it does take research, especially if you are in an unfamiliar niche ...... oh, what are we just submitting stuff for robots? .... oh OK then, as you were.

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    Thanks for the excellent information. I set my spinning price at 750 words for $5 (I only get $4 from fiverr). We'll see how many people bite I guess.

    Regarding my prices being to low for writing 1000 words. Fiverr does now allow me to change my price. I could only change the number of words written but then I'd lose customers I think. This is not my main source of income, its just something I'm able to do while I'm at my 'day job' to bring in a bit more money.

    I'd love to do writing at higher rates but its more important that I actually have customers and since so many people use fiverr that's where I get a fair amount of work.

    If anyone has suggestions on where to find customers that will pay more I'd love to hear about them. My writing is pretty good but I'm no professional or anything like that. I just enjoy it.
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    Perhaps you should consider applying to work at places like Elance and oDesk. Then you'd be able to charge a higher rate if you wanted to.
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