Onlywire VS. SocialMarker

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Which do you prefer & why?
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    They're just variations on the same theme - bookmark your own pages.

    This should be a no-brainer for most people to setup when they setup their blogs - whatever the system.

    I use other systems that do this for me, but if I had nothing I'd probably use onlywire as most of my new sites are blogs and can be setup to feed onlywire just using the same plugin as on the other blogs - zero extra work required for any new blogs I add.


    nothing to see here.

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    Andy, I appreciate your input.

    I was asking the question in the context of SEO convenience.

    To me, Onlywire seemed "easier & faster".
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  • I use socialmarker. I find it to be a pretty good tool. Technically, you are doing manual submissions. It just allows you to copy and paste text a little easier.

    The only problem I have is with bookmarking squidoo lenses. I think there is a bug that makes it nearly impossible to bookmark the lenses.
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  • No, I have never used onlywire. Socialmarker was good enough for me not to worry about other such services.
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    You can try my social submission service if you like. It works.
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    I find Onlywire easier to use.

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      i outsource it, but my guys use socialmarker. havn't tried onlywire yet
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    I Just hire people for manual submissions.
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    I have been using OnlyWire since it came out and it too is very easy to use. But I have been starting to consider migrating over to SocialMarker because they have more sites in their arsenal.

    Either way ... it just speeds up the process of manually posting your links, posts, pages to the social bookmarking world.

    I don't think you can go wrong on either of them really !!

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    As you know run a Social Submission Service but how would you feel if i could submit URLS to the top 10-20 most valuable social bookmark sites all manual. My own descriptions with your keywords so each submission is unique.

    How much would you pay per site like digg, simpy, stumbleupon delicious for this this?

    The reason i say this is because manual can be better if you're worried google will think there's too much of the same keyword or the same description of your website on these websites.
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