i got 500 visitors my first week is that good?

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so i got 500 visitors my first week online how am i doing? ive been using facebook and twitter alot to get these people. im still a rookie so any advice is appreciated even negative if i can learn from it. im asking you to visit my site and tell me what you think i can do better?
w gonzotrucker com thanks everyone im learning so much from this forum.
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    I do not think that it is bad. As long as you did not use black-hat methods, then I would personally say that it is good. Mucho gusto.
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    lol i barely know hot to set up a website i dont even fully understand whit hat yet total newbe here. but ive been spending 6 hours a day learning for four months now i just got my first site up. i have no life outside of my regular job so plenty of time to read and learn.
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    It's a good start. I suggest you try other methods also to find out which works best for you.
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    I've also been posting on yahoo answers and other similar blogs as mine. What other methods can you suggest to me? thanks very much
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    Good start i also get this same amount of visitor when i start my new blog few month ago.
    just continue your work.
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    i am so new at this how do i put a link into my name? thanks
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    On the surface, I would say good.

    But then you mentioned Twitter.

    When I post something to Twitter, I can attribute about 55 visitors within the first 20 minutes after I post to the bots that scrape Twitter.

    Match that against the number of posts you made to Twitter, and it no longer looks as good.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA, PlattPublishing.com
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    Its a good start indded. Keep it up.


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    ive posted to twitter maybe 40 times and i have only 400 followers.
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    Anyway you look at it that is better than many people manage in their first week.

    Although i would suggest trying to get consistant traffic from at least 3-4 different sources, to safeguard your business. With the constant changes online you don't want to be in a position where your only source drys up and your business dies over night.

    Still kudos m8. Not bad going.
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      thanks im trying my best i will learn more everyday and will make it. my goal is to earn $1500 to $2000 a month then retire in the philippines. i have many friends there already and i go there 2 times a year now.
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    Not good, it should be at least 1 million per month then you can make a decent living.
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    the numbers looks good...if you track it, you can see the bounce rate to see if its really good...
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    Hey - great stuff. And all in your first week. If you search for traffic in the search button above, you'll find lots of great free info on other traffic methods - some free and some paid. Also, I'd suggest you join the war room as there is lots of free info on traffic generation methods that you'd probably have to buy as a WSO out here.

    Congrats man - great work...
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    This is definitely a nice start. Sounds like you're willing to put in the work! Good luck
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    The traffic is good if you are target to particular audience by using facebook and twitter. Now next step to see whether this traffic is any good, I mean will they buy your product or so.
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    I think you can use a Facebook fan page and micro blogging to tweeter.
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    I think you are doing well, your blog is neat and tidy just keep updating it regularly and you'll surely start to get a following. Liked your facebook page to keep updated, thought you should possibly push that a bit too as it seemed a fair way down and out of the way. You almost have enough likes to change the url too which will look more professional.

    You have a decent enough writing style too so i'm sure if you just stick with it and keep on tweaking you'll hit your dream eventually.
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    Thanks everybody for the valuable information and encouragement. i will surely pass on what i learn to newbe here same as you did for me.
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    Good job on your initial week. Its a good start. As they say as long as you have not used black hat techniques then you are good.

    Originally Posted by gonzotrucker View Post

    i dont even know what black hat is. ive just heard the term
    Actually black hat are unethical techniques to get high search rankings such as keyword stuffing, doorway passages, invisible text and the like. Using this techniques may provide short term gains for your site however once you are discovered using them, you will more likely get penalized by the search engines.
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    500 is good but not if it's junk traffic.

    Targeted, interested, buying traffic = high conversions and high conversions = money.

    So if you focus on getting targeted traffic that will be interested in your site or offer, then you can start to see money resulting from that traffic.
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    HI Gonzo,

    Be careful with how you approach your traffic on Facebook they will shut your account down if you post into fan pages too much. So keep it spread out, always add content to the forums FIRST and if you don't have it, setup your own fan page so those people can follow you. 500 is good, but how sustainable is it? You will want traffic flow even when you are not online, so start building organic searching into your business model. So you can be out playing around and getting hits on your site, not just when your posting into FB. Good luck!
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    500 visitors good?

    If you are getting sales or making money in marketing terms then it will be good...

    If you got 500 visitors and didn't make a cent then it will only be good depending on what you are trying to achieve.

    Traffic purely for traffic's sake will not normally be good.

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    Well, you would know if you it is good when you see results from the traffic that you are getting. It would be good to have a more targeted traffic that would have a greater chance of conversion rather than a a huge number of visitors with minimal results.
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    Originally Posted by gonzotrucker View Post

    so i got 500 visitors my first week online how am i doing? ive been using facebook and twitter alot to get these people. im still a rookie so any advice is appreciated even negative if i can learn from it. im asking you to visit my site and tell me what you think i can do better?
    w gonzotrucker com thanks everyone im learning so much from this forum.

    If you are not doing black hat SEO then it is a very good start. Beside using facebook and Twitter you can also use stumbleupon. It gives huge visitor which facebook and twitter jointly can't. So use it. Good luck.

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    That's a amazing start!

    And not too considering it's free traffic... Keep it up.

    James Scholes
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    Hi Gonzo,

    Some may say 500 in a week is alright, others might say that it's not enough.

    However, for me what's important is how much of that traffic were you able to sign-up to your list.

    The reason is because if you didn't sign-up anybody, it's possible that it will be the last time they will visit your site and the marketing opportunity (money making opportunity) will be lost.

    If you signed them up to your list you can either invite them to visit the site again or send them related offers and make money from them which is the ultimate goal of getting traffic.

    Best regards,

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    Yes it is good. But be careful about it.
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    Very good start..

    What's your conversion?


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    Well thats great ....
    But you should start working hard as this is not enough for the future..
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    Sound like a good start to me!
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    To Making a Significant Income From Home: CLICK HERE
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  • Sounds like you are off to a promising start...but more importantly, whether you feel it's good or bad or so-so, you have to pat yourself on the back for actually taking action and tracking your results.

    That's a heck of a lot more than a lot of folks have been able to do.

    So, don't stop and keep up the momentum. If this is targeted traffic and you treat your visitors right, you could begin to see a steady stream of income.
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    thanks everybody. now its time to create an ebook and link it to my paypal and then put it on my wordpress blog. how do i create an ebook? adobe reader costs $299
    us dollars is there a free way to do this?
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    i like all the advice I've got so far and i will continue to work hard. And someday i will
    Be able to pass on advice here.
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    Sounds like a good start. Good luck with everything!
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    As long as it's not junk traffic, it's pretty great.
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    Your doing a great job, i got around that much in a whole month LOL!

    Keep putting out hard work and you'll always get a pleasant return

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    In case people don't know, the term 'black hat' originates and is mostly used to describe the ethical standpoint of a computer hacker, rather than in internet marketing. That term itself originates from western films where bad guys wore black hats and the good guys wore white hats. Later it was obviously used for internet marketing techniques, which were so unethical that they rivaled the usage of the word in black hat hacking.

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    It's a good start.
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    Just like someone else mentioned, the traffic number isn't necessarily good or bad...it's the fact that you took some solid action to get that traffic. That attitude will be worth more than any amount of traffic you can get right now.

    Good job on getting started and doing more than what most will do.

    Keep working hard, and build on what you already have done. Track your traffic, see what's working, and keep doing more of that.

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    Ya your Good Position ofter 1 week.
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    I want to get the fast approved article submission sites.
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    i have a secret on how im doing and it something anyone can do. but it takes a lot of hours or work. im spending 6 hours a night working on this blog, but 4 of those hours are spend just friving traffic to it.
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      As a beginner that is pretty good.

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      Originally Posted by gonzotrucker View Post

      i have a secret on how im doing and it something anyone can do. but it takes a lot of hours or work. im spending 6 hours a night working on this blog, but 4 of those hours are spend just friving traffic to it.
      thats great and your blog looks good too
      Minisite Designs as low as $17
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      As most warriors here stated, that is a good start. If you can reached 500 visitors in your first week, what more if it's your first month, probably that will surely extends the smile on your face, lol. Kidding aside, what you need to do is to continue on what you have been doing and increase the promotion in your social networking sites.
      Then again, do not settle on what you have attained at present. If you successfully reached your target, extend the mark of your next target and so on. It's like, you dream to have 1000 visitors on your, let's say, 2nd week, you must simply do your best to attain that mark. And once you attain that mark, you can then increase that mark on your next target, like 1500 visitors on the next week and so on. In that sense, you are always challenging yourself rather than be satisfied on what you gain.
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    • You received more traffic from posting here, which was part of your plan, right?

      Not that there's anything wrong with that.

      Fiverr is looking for freelance writers for its blog. Details here.
      Love microjobs? Work when you want and get paid in cash the same day!
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    you are doing really good, damn... it's awesome for a beginner that it's just 1 week old, just try and pull in more traffic.
    The Next BIG Thing is Already Here!
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  • Nice man. Especially if your such a newbie as you say yourself. You spend a lot of time attracting traffic to your website and that's a good thing. Post more and more and get people to link to your posts. That will already create more traffic. You can also think about some cheap, yet effective seo services to get ranked higher. Also try to monetize your site with products or services people may need that visit your site.

    Keep up the good work!
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    I would simply offer quality and unique content to site visitors. Isn't that why anybody visits a site - unless you pay them to. Write a few articles every month and post them on forums, and sites related to the subject matter you are dealing with. Remember, many big social networking sites, blogposts and article portals offer a nofollow atribute to your link. Some do and some don't. I too am new to all this but i am not interested in 'Get a million hits' hype stuff. Google is an intelligent search engine - almost like a brain. You WILL be offered ways to get 10K hits pm, but these guys are bad news. Just build up an organic faithful following of site visitors. Keep the site updated, add new stuff, free tips, reviews and i believe you will do well.
    Good Luck!
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    It's better than 124635 sites started at the same time :p
    Keep up the good works.
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    just today ive already got 60 page hits. i need some good backlinks and i will hit page 1 through 5 in six months time.
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    I see your using wordpress that is one smart move. One other thing you might want to do is install a plugin called searchterm tagging 2 if your site is found from google or other web search engines the plugin will put a tag on your site showing what search term that was used to find your site. It will help in your rankings. The people who wrote above me are also great at what they do most of them are full time earners on the internet and they do know what they are talking about.

    Also look up a person on google his name is Sean Donahoe he is my mentor and he does know what he is talking about when it comes to ranking.

    He is an expert in Seo
    You might also want to know there are many methods to get your site more visitors
    Try also submitting Press releases they work wonders on the search engines.

    If you want to ask me personally please send me a PM I will be glad to help you out.

    Coaching for all noobie Internet Marketers!
    If you are having issues with Internet Marketing and need help with anything in that area I am the one to get that help! Please contact me via PM on here!
    All the best!!!!

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    Hi Gonzo, i like your site!.. And actually i even think you might have a chance to make it viral within the "trucker community"!.. I though maybe you could add videos and show different things in your "real trucker life"... I am sure other truckers, and also different people might have a real interest to come back and see your blog's news!...
    by the way, you don't need to buy adobe to make an ebook... just do it with word or another text editor, and "convert" it to pdf... as simple as this..
    see you... (maybe on the road.. ;-)
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    First of all... it's a great niche! Truckers are on the road all the time and those with their laptops are sure to find you. Why not write about some of your interesting stories on the road. You are sure to have many. If word gets around... you'll soon be attracting those not in the trucking field, just wanting to know about a truckers life.

    I think 500 visitors is awesome for your first week. I suggest you set up an RSS feed for the vistors to get info as soon as u post. Also... I can't remember... did you have an opt-in? Find a great give away... Maybe a report you write on how to get the best fuel economy... or best side roads for trips..... the possibilities are endless!
    Want great tips on how to increase your sales through facebook? Get your free video training with 4 great videos now...
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    thats really good and a first sign that you going to be a successful webmaster. It took me a full year to get to 500

    Blogger at RicherOrNot.com (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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    Who cares?

    How much money did you make? How many optins did you get?

    Don't just let 500 people visit and dip. Keep them and sell them

    (oh of course it's a lovely start, you deserve to be excited)
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    500 twitter followers. Thanks for that plugin. im just having some trouble with the tech side and i need to work on my grammar but those things will get better. And i have big plans create an ebook, another similar site, more social networking, man im becoming obsessed. Is 10 hours a day to much work online when my regular job is 8 hours a day? Lol
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    What kind of information or content will you provide in your newsletters? That's what your visitors would probably like to know before they sign up... If you did mention it then it needs to be more visible... I also notice that your "subscribe" optin box is the 3rd one down on your right. You might what to bring that up to the very top so your visitor sees it as soon as they land on your page. Create a gonzotrucker FREE newsletter image that will grab their attention and increase your sign-up... Remember tons of traffic is useless if it is not targeted traffic...

    Anyways, Great job by the way on your site it looks good with great content..
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    902 page views this month alone. even when im not online there starting to roll in.

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    im do a lot of offline promotion to. at the truckstops

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    This is an amazing number. good work. How did you do that?
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    promotion online and offline i got big sign and put the url on it at the truck stop. and online with social networking chatting with everybody. and bussiness cards handing them out.

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    If you ara e beginner, you are going very good. I had been getting only 3 visits form google when i strted my website. success comes with patience. Stay focused in work
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    I pay you yesterday for ebook. Where link for download? Transaction ID #2F311813PP039490V) by paypal
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    Any idea how much of your traffic is converting to your "most wanted response": signing up to your list or clicking through to your affiliate site etc ?

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    AS long as you make full use of facebook and twitter,i think you will definitely get a huge of visitor to your site.I think you have done it well.
    ----Choose your favorite fashion .
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    Writing my ebook right now it will take me all day. Writing is not the problem for me
    Its the tech side. i will have to figure out how to put it up on my blog when im done. i did not expect all this traffic so quick. Now i have to hurry and monetize it. im still such a newbie with tech side i dont even know how to set up a link to collect an email list.

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    good start! Just keep seeking out different ways to increase your traffic and better your site. I am always looking to learn more even though I am already doing good
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    im creating pages for my ebook with open office now. after im done how do i put all of them together with the front page? im still learning the tech side and my page views are still rising even though im not promoting it at the moment. thanks everybody

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    I would think 500 visitors for a first week is excellent, the social networks are a fantastic way to get traffic, simply scale what you are doing and you will continue to see good results
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    i cant figure out how to create a thank you page and send my zip pdf file to it. everytime i upload it and then click the link it goes back to my computer files all of them!!!!!
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  • Profile picture of the author gonzotrucker
    ahhh i just spent 13 hours creating this book and now im on the fianl step and cant figure it out.

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  • Profile picture of the author uebomoyi
    Great job driving 500 visitors. I checked out your blog, it looks pretty good to me. Another thing you could try out to drive more traffic is some video marketing. If you target some low competition keywords I'm sure you could get some more followers and hopefully more sales. Good luck buddy.


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  • Profile picture of the author gonzotrucker
    thanks but still cant figure how to add a zip file to a thank you page.
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  • Profile picture of the author gonzotrucker
    for the first time sinse i started this i feel like giving up. 14 hours of work and now im at the end and can not for the life of me figure out how to do it. i paid for my own ebook to test paypal and it did not redirect me to the thank you page. so i must have set it up wrong.

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  • Profile picture of the author murtuza
    getting 500 visitors first week is really good. What are you doing with that traffic? I checked your blog and it is breaking up in IE 8.

    Also plan to convert your visitors into leads for long term profits. As I can see you have no squeeze page added on your blog which you should be doing to boost your conversion and long term income...

    Want to know my true story & how I got started with my internet business? What kind of problems I faced to get started & how I finally cracked the internet code? I have also prepared a 30 day blueprint for you to get started. No signup is required, just rush in to check out pure content ==> how to start an online business - And yeah, if you like what you read don't forget to 'like' & 'tweet' it. All the best :0)

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    Hey gonzotrucker! i have a tool that you may use to make your life easier ^_^


    when you post to your blog, you can setup a trigger to post the title and a link to your twitter and make another one that does the same for your facebook. that way everything is automated! it has several social sites it will do the same thing for.

    "The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today." - Elbert Hubbard

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  • Profile picture of the author gonzotrucker
    i got over 120 page views today alone.
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    It's definitely a good start, just make sure to make little changes and pay extra attention to what they do. Trial and error will get you to where you want to be but try not to over do it by making drastic changes as they will be very hard to analyze the changes they made to overall traffic numbers! Good Luck, keep us up to date on your progress!
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  • Profile picture of the author gonzotrucker
    my page rank is 5 now Averaging 120 views a day but not many clicks yet.
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    thats really nice and a first time you sign you got 500 visitors.you are truly webmaster.I hope you will achieved more than 100 unique visitors now.I guess...Am a right????
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    Hey thanks gonzotrucker for posting I am new too & learning a lot from those here in your post! Keep on trucking!

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