The best place to sell your website

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flippa? here? digitalpont?
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    Flippa seems a good place to do it to be fair. Not heard many bad things about it.

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    Best place would be "flippa" as you receive a good exposure to people that are visiting to buy exactly what you are selling, but the fee's are hefty to list a site depending on your websites value and the price you are looking for it.

    However the warrior forum still gets a good amount of views and costs only $20 to list.

    It all depends on your sites value, where you choose to list your site.

    is it generating revenue via adsense? if so, i myself could be interested.

    Send me a pm with a few details.

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    Flippa, SEDO, WF

    But i would consider WF and/or DP rather good for buying, not so much for selling.
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    I have always used Flippa that seems to be the major one. Doesn't hurt to post here and other sites for more coverage as well.

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    Here is an article that details buying, selling and valueing a website.

    Determining the value of a website can be tricky, because a number of factors can play a role. Factors involved in determining the resale value of a website include... Buy, Sell, Value a Website
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    Flippa is the best place to sell any websites. There is a pool of ready buyers and interested investors over there. I have personally sold more than 150 websites on Flippa so far.

    My advise is, if your website is well-implemented and profitable, it will sell itself easily.

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  • Hey,

    You can check WebsiteBroker - this is a good place to sell websites...
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    you'll get great exposure on flippa and the buyers are usually well informed and can offer a fair price for your website
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    Flippa by far, and you could promote your flippa listing here on warrior forum!
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    Another vote here for Flippa - seems one of the de-facto places to go when selling websites.
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    Flippa's great for both buying and selling websites. There are other places of course (eBay, here, etc.) but Flippa has the highest targeted buyer/seller volume and eyeballs online.

    You have to be pretty careful regarding scams there, though. Mostly, the scams are pretty easy to spot and the sellers get called out on them by commenters, the sellers make obvious mistakes, etc. What's harder to catch is when the sellers "puff-up" their numbers or value...a situation where you buy an earning site, but it's not nearly as profitable as you thought it was.

    Here are some tips for spotting those types of auctions:
    Top 7 Things Flippa Sellers Hope You Won't Notice (And How To Spot Them In Minutes) | AdSense Flippers

    Hope that helps!
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