why am i getting no conversions?

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I have made an affiliate website and am getting about 20 visitors per day but still haven't had any conversions. I know its a good product and haven't really tried to sell the product, just made an honest review. Any ideas on why no conversions?
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    There could be multiple reasons of course, e.g.:
    1. Untargeted traffic
    2. Review with "intention to sell"
    3. General conversion for that product is small
    and many, many more...

    What I'd do is study your google analytics stats to see what visitors are doing on your site, what they search, which pages they read most, which pages they leave quickly etc. etc. - knowing your stats and your audinece will help you improve conversions.
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    This might help: Why you Don’t Get Any Sales! Internet Marketing Math Explained

    But short...20 visitors a day are far, far not enough.

    (Look, let's say this product converts 1:60 - 1:80..this is reasonable to assume. So, theoretically, you COULD get a sale each 4 days...but there are other factors like your sales copy etc...so with 20 visitors a day it wont simply cut it. Did you do keyword research, eg. what market is there, what potential is there for people looking for the product/keyword? Did you do anything in terms of SEo/Google rankings? How do make it KNOWN your site exists?)
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    Originally Posted by daveyace View Post

    I have made an affiliate website and am getting about 20 visitors per day but still haven't had any conversions. I know its a good product and haven't really tried to sell the product, just made an honest review. Any ideas on why no conversions?
    There could be a number of reasons for this.

    1.Tthe keywords you're targeting might be too broad. Product name keywords convert the best.

    2. 20 hits a day isn't a lot. In my experience, consistent sales happened when I got 100+ hits a day. I made sales before that, but they weren't consistent.

    3. It's possible you're not connecting with your audience. If you don't know how to connect with your audience, they aren't gonna trust you. Lots of people skim rather than read. Product reviews should be around 400 to 450 words - much longer than that and your conversions will suffer.

    4. It could be your layout or where you have placed your links. When I started my blog, I wrote my reviews just like I did on free sites but was getting traffic but no sales. I decided to move a link to see if it would help, and I started making sales. I then started using the same format on all my pages. It could be your font size or style.

    These are just a few things to consider. Good luck.

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    Yeah 20 visitors is very low, especially if it is a review without a strong call to action. I'd be optimizing your keyword more and go for more keywords so build around 1000 unique visitors per day.

    Once you get there you should tweak your strategies to find out the best layout for conversions for that product.

    Good luck with it!
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    I'd also suggest capturing their email addresses so you can still continue the relationship with them. Give them something valuable in return for their email. It is rare for someone to come to your site and buy anything the first time. It normally takes 6-7 times of being reminded about the product before they commit to buy it. So being able to email them gives you the ability to do this. Of course, don't just spam them but give them good content mixed in with the promotions.

    Please read the forum rules.

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    What you need is Traffic, at 20 a day, you may need to exert a little bit more effort to up those numbers. Might be good to assess your approach and if needed make some changes here and there and see which one would work best in increasing the traffic.
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    Doesn't matter if you get 20 visitors a day or 3,000... if your site doesn't capture their attention and appeal directly to WHY they wanted to go to your site, then you've lost them.

    You have an average of 3 SECONDS to capture their attention before they decide to leave your site. I would suggest what a few others said... look at your analytics but determine WHERE your visitors are coming from. This may help you determine why they are there and you can tailor your message specifically to them.
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    I am going to guess. OK is Build Muscle Fast your web page? That is because I cannot see the product that you are trying to move. Where is it anyway.

    Try to make your special offers bold and garish so people can see em. Otherwise you will get no money. Hey, that is after all the name of the game.
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    You need to find a way to get more traffic, and build a lot of backlinks. You might also want to try PPC if you're really good at it.
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    the traffic has to be targeted and come mainly from search engines. SEO + AM = conversions

    Blogger at RicherOrNot.com (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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    Originally Posted by daveyace View Post

    I have made an affiliate website and am getting about 20 visitors per day but still haven't had any conversions. I know its a good product and haven't really tried to sell the product, just made an honest review. Any ideas on why no conversions?
    So lets see the site, hard to gauge this without seeing it. You can PM me the link if you want.


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    Well, I'm struggling to get 4 to 5% PPC ctr, and you think you can generate sales with 20 visitors daily, forget it, just try to get more visitors.

    whoa dis junk site isn't related with IM --

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    Don’t pay attention to only Internet Explorer. Possibly the reason of having a small number of visitors with other browsers is that their site is basically broken it doesn't work in anything else. Don't waste the user's time asking for things you don't need to know, especially when the user feels it is private! Users are intimidated with sites which have good returns policy and are more likely to buy from them. You can have people phone for returns. Try all of this and surely things will fall in place!
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    Like everyone else is saying, 20 per day is not big traffic. You need to boost traffic into your site.

    If you were relying on Google, do your homework first checking out how many people search exactly for your primary keywords per month.

    As a general rule, you get 40-45% of traffic if your page is ranked #1 in Google. The rest is broken down significantly. When you build your site, usually you should check if the site could realistically occupy the top 3 positions, otherwise it's usually not worth it, even if you're on Google first page.

    So trace it back. If you're aiming to get 100 visitors a day relying on just Google, and if your aim is to get on the Google first page rather than #1-3, then you should aim for keywords that are being searched after for a minimum of 1000 searches per month, assuming that you only get 10% of the traffic.
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    Also, I don't know what kind of site yours is. But, if you were relying on AdSense clicks, then you need to do the research first if your keywords get any clicks at all per day.

    If your site is featuring specific products, then you need to know if your keywords are buying keywords or not. I believe this is the trickier part. Usual keywords to look after: review, buy, get, where to find, etc.
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    internet marketing is all about trying and testing. Try to change the affiliate program to the one in the same niche. use links and banners, add more content about the program and the main thing is make sure that your traffic is targetted for the product you promote
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    I just created an affiliate website and have the same problem. I know this post is old but I had to search reason why I too not getting any conversions.

    I also get a lame 20 page visits a day, which sucks! I'm definitely going to crank this traffic up
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