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I'm an intern looking to impress the new company I work for, and I've been assigned to find affiliate partners to redirect traffic to our site.

We're a legitimate and steady business, preferring a PPS pay exchange, but all the offers I've seen so far are either competitors looking to advertise their products, or management services for our existing affiliates, which we do not need.

Does anyone know a good place to start looking for new affiliate advertisers? I'm not even sure where to begin when looking.
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    What is the company name and a link to your site?
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    I am confused by the term "affiliate advertiser"...

    An affiliate is someone that sends traffic to your business and earns commission for each sale generated by him.

    An advertiser is a person/company that places his own advertisement on your site.

    BIG difference!

    (and no, you don't have to tell Dave what is your site or company )

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