Making Money Off A Youtube Video With 179,000 views

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I'm trying to figure out the best way to monetize off my video with over 179,000 views.
On average maybe get's 500 views a day?

Here's the statistics:

- #1 when you type Home Studio on Youtube.
- 1st page of Google when you type Home Studio - 27,100 exact match searches.

- As of right now, I have an annotation in the video that last a good 20ish seconds at the beginning directing people to my description link (telling them if they like the equipment in my video, check out the link for the best deals).

- The link on average brings me 10-25 new visitors a day that actually click on my amazon affiliate links (pictures of my studio equipment) and I also disclose that I am an affiliate and will make a commission.

Link here: Home Studio

The video is here (please excuse my goofiness, this was filmed over a year ago :0):

My Questions Are:
- If you were in my position, what ways would you try to monetize a video like this?

- Do you think CPA would be effective and is a CPA link allowed on a youtube video? (Any network recommendations, so I can target something as closely music related as possible.)

- Anything else you would like to add. :0

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