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There's no doubt whether or not I want to do it, I do. I'm just stuck at what I want to do there. Marketing? Business Management? Something else, hopefully business related?

What do you think would be most valuable in the long-term?
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    If I were going through college again I would choose business management.

    Marketing would be taught by professors who probably haven't sold anything in the real I would skip that lol.

    However, business management is something that would be more applicable for the real world.

    But what do I know...I have a biochemistry/molecular biology degree.

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    Take stock of what you're good at or what you're interests are and choose a course that would make use of your talents. If you're more inclined on taking up business management, same thing, choose a major that you know you would excel in. If you like numbers then Finance or Accounting would be good choices. If you are creative and you like meeting people then Marketing or Human Resources Management would be your best choices.
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    If I could do it again, I'd look into programming. The ONLY reason I got started into making money online is because I took 1 course in college on building websites and from then on, I learned how to monetize them. I WISH I knew how to program PHP and build software and things like that because software sells like hotcakes!

    Then again, while you are working on college, I'd also start an online business, specifically start building a list of subscribers. Say for instance you can start raking in $1000 a month online mostly while you are in class or partying or just doing whatever!

    What college does is teach you to learn and teach you that you will have a JOB when you graduate. If you start your own business early, then possibly by the time you are done with college, you won't even need a job if you are making plenty of money online.

    My 2 cents!
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    Originally Posted by dilnaj View Post

    There's no doubt whether or not I want to do it, I do. I'm just stuck at what I want to do there. Marketing? Business Management? Something else, hopefully business related?

    What do you think would be most valuable in the long-term?
    I got a degree in Spanish but minored in International business and took business classes at all levels. I also took business classes in high school. I like both management and marketing. That being said, none of it has done me any good because of where I live.

    I live in a small town in the south. The vast majority of people that live here aren't educated beyond high school and could care less that you have a degree--unless that you are a medical doctor, lawyer or something like that.

    My brother moved four hours away, but the job he has is totally unrelated to what he went to school for. My sister lives in the same town as me. She studied to be a paralegal, but none of the law offices--even those an hour away are hiring right now. She works at fast food resturant part-time and just got another part-time job.

    As for me, I have Cerebral Palsy and don't work now. Even though I have a college degree, most people are apprehensive when it comes to hiring someone like me. Because of this, I don't have a lot of work experience. I had one job when I got out of college, but it was only part-time and didn't offer medical insurance--something I can't go without.

    There are people I graduated high school from that got trained to do jobs they had no experience in. They have nothing beyond a high school education but got jobs because of who they knew rather than what they knew. I had a math teacher in high school with an advanced degree that works in management at a major retailer where he makes 3 times what he did teaching.

    I think you have to have a set plan of what you want to do. For example, if you study nursing, there's a very good chance you're gonna get out of school and find a job easily as a nurse. Most career fields aren't like that. They don't really prepare you for the real world. I honestly don't think it matters all that much -- disappointing, I know.

    Good luck,
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    Dilnaj - Brad here.

    Man what a fantastic question. I did exactly the same thing and completed a business and marketing degree. I am glad I did.

    You are in exactly the right place - today - for what we are all suggesting. Marketing on the internet is just the tip of the ice berg. Think about all the options it opens up.

    I would encourage a very strong program in marketing and management. Pay attention to statistics. Yeah I know - it may be tough but even I got an A. But the time and effort is absolutely worth it.

    While you are taking marketing courses - set up a blog. Get Yaro Starak's free ebook on setting up a blog. Take every one of your marketing classes, management classes, insurance and other high visibility classes and turn them into a series of posts.

    This has three advantages for your. First, writing the posts will reinforce the concepts you are paying good money to learn in class. Second, writing a blog and learning to run a business will definitely spill back over into your personal career development - long term. Third, a thoughtful product will earn you cash for longer than you may think.

    After the class is completed - turn your posts - your personal experience - and key insights into ebooks. If you learn your marketing skills in class and apply them along with the skill you will get on the internet - you could earn back the cost of your class with the sale of your ebook.

    Set up your business while you are in school - do not abandon the concept. You will certainly change products and concepts but do not abandon marketing.

    Long term - the one regret I have is I didn't keep working on a private project like an internet business - on the side. Wow - I sincerely think you have a grand opportunity.

    By the way - let me know when you start posting your blog - I will be one of your first readers ! Reach me at brad - really!

    Great success and opportunity are just outside your 4th year and graduation !

    Best of luck !


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    I was a wuss and I majored in Liberal Arts - if I were in school today, I would major in Business and minor in computer programming and all of the skills related to it.
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    I finished Electronics Engineering in college and I am happy that in this course I learned basic web programming, circuit design and a little bit in management. I am planning to take up Master's Degree in Business Administration.
    - V - A - M - P - I - R - O -
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      I learned law in my college.
      If for me ,I will still learn law .
      I like this,and if I didnt learned this ,
      I wont go to the marketing.

      Want Some IM Friends!
      Skype user name is happygammon

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    You can learn business and marketing at the library. I wouldn't waste 10 minutes on either of them in college. Been there, done that. I think you are far better off to to learn a real skill, something that is more tangible. You should be able to do something when you get out. Writing papers that are graded by teachers who've never had a real job and doing group work with morons is probably the worst way to prepare for the real world.

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    i went to college for about half a semester. then i dropped out to continue the internet marketing business i started in high school. that was some 15+ years ago.

    but if i had it all to do over, i would study (crap, i guess i dont know what i would study)

    i guess i would study marketing... most everything else you could study will require you to trade your time for money. if you know how to market, you will find it much easier to make big money.

    i have friends who studied business at some good schools, and to be honest, i run circles around them when it comes to understanding what really works in business.
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    Anything that has jobs in it, I suggest accounting but go for something else if you wish. If you can go for anything health and business related, go for it thats where jobs are at.

    Blogger at (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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    I love reminiscing the good old day's in college...

    Only 2 years ago, actually - LOL!

    Well, I actually took Business and Management. Now, looking back if I knew then what I knew now, I would have chosen Programming or Graphic Design.

    1. Programming - so I wouldn't have to pay $X,XXX each time I want something made.

    2. Graphic Design - so it wouldn't take me the next 2 years after I graduated learning how to do it and start building nice fancy websites. Even now I ain't that good at it.

    Then again, if you made me choose... I would have done everything just the way it was - but more CRAZIER (if that's a word).

    College gave me the chance to travel and see the world, which then lead me to IM that gives me the FREEDOM to carry on traveling and country hop! It's AWESOME!

    LIVE WITH NO REGRETs - Be Happy, Life is Short

    Choose the course in which you will have the most FUN doing... that way you will enjoy it and being good at it would be effortless.

    Hope this helps,

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    I agree with angrybird - take what you are interested in. I took linguistics, which isn't marketable on it's own particularly, but I'm glad that I was in courses that rocked me. I would do the same today, other than it would have been geology for my sciences instead of astronomy.

    I do know one thing.........if you go to a serious university and you aren't interested in what you're taking, your life is going to be hell for at least 4 years.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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    Your choice of major is unique and personal - like your choice of niche. And like the rational approach to choosing your niche, you'll have to do your own brainstorming because we don't know your strengths, your preferences, your mindset, your habits, your goals.

    The reality is that you can also have the most impressive "credentials" in the world, and still be an empty suit and an abject failure.

    In the end, your best training and education in IM will come from actually doing IM, so your major, your degree, your college are all secondary.
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