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Im excited to say i got my first subscriber on my blog opt-in list today! I've learned a lot from you all. So I say thanks in advance! Now I've been running a niche blog for a couple of months now and traffic is starting to pick up.
I have a web form on Aweber and a pop-up box also. One Question though...

How do I get payed? When I start getting more subscribers does Aweber send me a check per email subscriber?.... I dont think I saw any info that had to do with currency, a buddy of mine thats marketing for a while says"The money's in the list"... well im just curious as to how to get money out of it and how it works.:confused:

Another thing.. as I start getting more site views (SEO stuff) and potential ranking in google, would I get a check from google or something?
I have a strong feeling my niche site will do well considering the quality content and consistant blog posts. I just want to know how I will start seeing real money. My adsence is starting to pick up also... Just staying focused and obtaining info from the best. Any info would be great, Thanks!
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    First ,Congratulations!
    Second,for your question.
    I think you can email you list with some useful things for them ,some thing like a clickbank product ,a amazon TV SET ( you can apply to their affiliate very easy) or a new book you write and put a price on it ,some times even some PLR books are OK.
    but I think your list should grow larger ,because if just few subscribers ,maybe not enough to make some money from them.
    hope this can help you,cheers!

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    Skype user name is happygammon

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    Thanks for the congrats and yeah I was planning on offering a product like an ebook or something, I just wanted to know if i was getting more subscribers it would mean a lot more revenue?

    I heard it was like 1 dollar a person on the email list, just didnt know if Aweber is gonna send me a check or something like that. Im familiar with click bank products and have an account with them so my readers will have incentives, I understand people will opt-in if im offering a product, I was just confused with the process or point of list building. Thanks again gammon!
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    Hats off to you for taking action and getting your first subscriber

    However, it is not AWeber that will pay you. You pay AWeber a service fee for them to allow you to use their email marketing service.

    Now to make money, you've got to build a relationship with your subscribers and push some niche-related offers.

    You say you are familiar with Clickbank. This might be a good start for you. What do your subscribers opt-in for? Let's say you are offering an ebook on weightloss in exchange of their email address. You could promote an offer such as Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss with Meal Plans and Easy Recipes using YOUR affiliate link so that you make commissions when people buy.

    Clickbank will pay you. This is how you make money with a list (of course, you can promote offers from other affiliate networks or sell them your own products). Just make sure not to overdo it with the promotions and to provide good content as well!
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    The money is in the "buyers" on your list. If someone buys from you, and has a positive buying experience, they will be more likely to buy from you again. IM is all about cultivating positive relationships with your list (especially your list of buyers). Treat them well. Think about any lists you've been on and what you liked or disliked about them. Try to replicate what you like, and not to replicate what you don't like. In terms of the offline world, you don't want to get the reputation of a cheesy used car salesman.
    The dollar per subscriber is just an estimate of how much you might be able to earn from promoting products and services to your list. If you prove yourself likeable and trustworthy, you can possibly make even more per subscriber.
    I'm not going to give you any specifics as to how often to promote to your list, or what to promote, as these vary wildly by niche. This is why you have to "split test" to find out what works for your site and your niche.
    Obviously, if your niche is weight loss as an example, promoting a dog training product would be ineffective compared to a weight loss product.
    Congrats on your subscriber, I hope you have a lot of success building your list of subscribers (and buyers)!

    I hope this helps,
    Are you in the Orlando area? Join our mastermind group

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    You can also consider doing ad swaps as your list gets bigger. You will be able to gain profit off of the upsells from your free offers.
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    Well done with your first subscription... Keep going, scale up and most importantly, look after them because when you do, they'll look after you

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    The purpose of building a list is for you to have a "captured" market to sell to. Instead of waiting for traffic, you can be pro active and sell to your list. However, do not overdo it by bombarding your list constantly with product offers as this would turn off your subscribers. It is important that you build a relationship with them by sending things of value like free reports or advice regarding your niche. If your subscribers trust you, you can be sure that some of them would be loyal customers.
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    Thanks all of you!.. theres a lot of valuable information Iv'e just noted and I will continue to take action. I appreciate all the support and I finally have a better understanding of how this list building thing works. Im gonna search for a product/offer that will be substantial for my readers... Thanks again, ALL of you warriors!
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    to answer your do not earn just by people subscribing to your email will promote products in your email so that people will buy the products..
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    Originally Posted by KLinfluence View Post

    Im excited to say i got my first subscriber on my blog opt-in list today! I've learned a lot from you all. So I say thanks in advance!
    Just want to first up say well done, it's an awesome feeling isn't it.

    And one word of advice...

    Treat your 1 subscriber the same way you would 100, 1000 or 10,000 -

    It matter not how many subscribers you have. Write for the few is if they were just as "important" as the many.

    Never be fooled by the numbers. We all started with one.

    Paul Barrs
    It's Simple... I don't "sell" IM anymore, but still do lots of YouTube Videos
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    Great to hear that you have your initial subscriber already, now the Aim is to make the next 100, then 1000, then so on and so forth. Now as your subscribers grow, remember that your responsibility with them grows as well. You need to build a relationship with your subscribers and in effect you are having like a captive market of your own.

    Keep it up.
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    It is always a happy moment to have your first sale online and in this case a first subscriber is also worth celebrating.

    I remember the first time when I have my first subscriber, I really jumped in joy!

    Keep going and build a huge list in the long run. It will benefit you in your Internet marketing journey.

    Warmest Regards,
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    Good Job, but remember not to be complacent as this is the time to double your efforts and strive the more.

    Euphoria with your first subscriber is a great feeling, imagine if your subscribers do pur in, what a feeling would that make. Now take the next step and take good care of your subscribers. . . and get those conversions.
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    Got it... Thanks all, I appreciate the responses! So the biggest thing for me now is treating the customer like my ONLY customer so i continue building/scaling my business and relationships for the longterm. Just to be clear, how often should I do follow up emails, like after the product has been sold...monthly or every other month, and is there a way to set up an automated follow-up for future subscribers via Aweber? Thanks again everyone for the congrats! Its an awesome feeling but im still hungry for a lot more progress.
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    Congrats! Well done
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    wow congrats, keep it up
    Minisite Designs as low as $17
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    Well done, as these days it can almost be as hard to get a subscriber as a sale!! It proves that whatever you are offering as your sign up bribe, is in line with what they want. Now you know that, you will know what type of offers to promote to them. The fact you are building a list from day 1 means you are doing things correct, right from the start.


    It's still not working for you??? Need direction?...
    ---->>>> <<<<----
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    Congratulations! I know the feeling, and it's one you don't want to stop enjoying. Swim around in it, acknowledge it, and realize you can feel this over and over again. So, get back to work Pretty soon you will be coming back with more great news!
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    great job welcome to start making money. Building a list is most important thing you can do to do internet marketing.
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