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Hello Warriors.

What company do you recommend that will convert printed book to a quality audio book?

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    I am not a company, but, I am very interested in bidding this job for you. I have been told on several occasions that I have the voice for radio, read-overs, etc. In fact, I was once solicited to do a company voice mail, simply because of the quality of my voice. Please PM me so we can arrange a demo and a price.

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    Well, I've been doing audio books for three years now, and would love the opportunity to do yours as well. You can listen to demos on both sites: BLOGCAST.SCOTTWOODSIDE.COM

    my email is

    I have been doing voice production now for more than 30 years;.

    Scott Woodside

    The number 1 Choice for Audio Production!
    Member, Screen Actor's Guild

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