It's my birthday and my site looks better

by carolf
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A week ago I joined and asked for some help with my horrible site. I got around 15 awesome responses and I'm so grateful to you all and esp to rose trees who helped me chose a new theme .

I have a long way to go but it's getting about 80 visits a day now bounce rate around 30%.

So firstly a huge thank you for your help and suppport and if anyone has any advice,input suggestions they will be received with immense gratitude.

I added in some great plugins that were suggested here... I'm building my list, someone on fiverr is helping with my ebbok and maybe I should work on the seo and traffic and worry about money later ! What do you think
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    Yes your site looks better, much cleaner, neater, more Zen like.

    I look forward to watching you further develop the site, we need more PEACE in the thanks for helping us all find some (assuming that is what your ebook will do).

    Have a great Birthday...and keep getting Warrior help as you go along. Good luck in your project. It is nice to see something other than How to Make Money as an Internet Marketer appear.

    It is calming. Relaxing. I feel centered and at peace.

    KEEP on truckin (an Old expression)

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    I didn't see the before, but it looks good now. And Happy Birthday
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      I'm really sorry I missed your original post and can't compare the before/after.

      I like your site very much (and I'm hard to impress!), and will be back.

      I hope you'll do well with it, because you deserve to.

      And many happy returns ...
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    It looks great I did not see it before but it is crisp and clean; Love what you have done with it.

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    I can take no credit for the look the very awesome rose trees did miracles for me.... And a massive thank you for your feedback ... I'm loving learning from this forum and hope to recover financially in the future. I was bankrupted by a corrupt buz partner 6 years ago and it's been both horrendous and the making of me.... I hope in the future to make an income from what I learn here and to contribute towards the happiness of others too.
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    I just found this thread. We did the site with the help if Skype. Glad you all liked it.

    Edit: Lol - woops - with no help at all from Skype, Carol and I just cross posted
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    Happy birthday and keep the site going!

    Connect with me via Facebook
    Crypto Mob: Click Here

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