Do IM degree programs exist?

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As I continue to research and learn about IM I can't help but consider my competition moving forward and my personal odds of success. I just graduated college for the second time - I now hold an AS and a BS - and I can't help but feel a bit apprehensive about taking interest in a field that has absolutely nothing to do with my education.

So now I'm wondering...does anybody have a formal degree in IM? Or is everyone here self-taught through research, mentors, virtual classrooms, etc? I'm having a really hard time gauging just how many people are making a living doing this stuff.
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    i have seen ads for programs by fullsail university and i think even university of phoenix.

    these are online degree programs. i dont think you are going to get much real world help from traditional university training on this subject.

    there are a lot of business basics and buyer psychology things you might could learn, but no university is going to teach you the ins and outs of list building, open rates, web site conversions and stuff like that.
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    Probably. Considering the internet is growing by each year, it wouldnt surprise me to think that there might be some degree programs out there, however why would someone pay to do a IM degree when you could get all and if not, MORE information here!
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    Is there a degree program for Internet Marketing?

    I am self taught in this, and while i am good at what i do, its hard to convince my community , and my incoming in laws that i am good and solid. For them, paper qualification matters.

    Is there any degree for IM out there? I really am not interested in taking any other degrees that is not related to IM.

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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      Wow, I thought they were only focused in Art

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        FullSail is really expanding and offering more four year degree programs. I see their banner ads often and Internet Marketing is one of their programs. As far as I know, they don't offer the traditional degrees. They are known for programs teaching cutting edge technology and are definitely ahead of the curve.
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          It would be really interesting to see the full curriculum for this
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        Full Sail is the only program that I have heard of. I would think that the internet changes at such a rapid pace that the academic world simply can not keep up with it.

        So while I can't be certain about this, I would think you would only learn the basics as mentioned earlier in this post...list building, website conversion.

        I know that Full Sail is a top notch school is some fields such as audio engineering. However, having been doing this for a few years I believe with the internet, the nature of the beast would be too much for the bureaucracies of academia to keep up with. It simply moves to quickly.
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    Does this even exist?
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    Sure would be interesting to take a gander at what they teach and weather they have ANY clue as to what will actually make their graduates any money. LOL!!!
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    Maybe in the future.
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    Sounds interesting and I am curious like what fellow warrior had already stated about the content of its curriculum. Also, how many years will it take to graduate in this course? And lastly, how much are people will pay for to earn this degree?
    I am just thinking what could be the lessons or subjects that are instituted in this degree since most people here in the IM business are either taught by their mentors or self-taught. It is like, why would people will pay and earn this degree if people without even earning any degree can earn more than those who have earned some degree.
    That is just my thought on this.
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