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by ras33
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Hello everyone in here. I am here to ask all of your IM veterans some advice on a few things.

First question. If I purchased a domain name and then I go into my cpanel and do a 301 redirect so that my domain point to a clickbank product through my Cb affiliate link, how can I make money like that?

I heard that Google doesn't rank redirect url. So is this a bad idea? Should I go to fiverr and look for someone to promote my site? Should I go into WSO ad look for someone to drive traffic to my site? How can I make money with a redirect url?

Let say my website it makemoneyonlinesuperfast dot com and it redirects to bringthefresh dot com, how, where and what is the best method to get people to my site. I know I will make a comission because when I go to my site and it redirects to the clickbank product and I hit the add to cart button I see my affiliate link on the bottom. The question is "TRAFFIC TO MY SITE".

Also I purchased all of this WSO that say newbie friendly, so far I purchased 3 of them and I have no customer support, no email support,no phone support, nothing! No guide to help me out. Is there actually an easy way to make money online? I know everyone in here is trying to make cash by selling their WSO and I think that is totally kool, but I wish there was one that could really help a total newbie for me.

I was thinking of hiring a sexy looking girl on fiverr to do a video review of a clickbank product that converts really well, and tell her to put my url on the video. But the question is, how can I choose a long tail keyword that gets over 5000 searches per month, so that when someone types it, my youtube video shows up on the first page of google? How do I rank a youtube on the first page of google. I know if I could do that, and have a sexy woman doing a clickbank review video, it might convert. Just a crazy thought, maybe I am wrong.

Also when I redirect my domain though my cpanel, should I use the affiliate link that clickbank gives me, or should I go to tinyurl and make it smaller? If I use tinyurl, does that mean I am protecting my affiliate link and preventing someone from stealing my commissions?

I am sooo lost! LoL

Thank you for your help in advance and I hope I didn't offend no one with my dumb questions, just a newbie here asking for help.

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    wow no response yet?
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    I don't think Clickbank would consider it as a sell if you are simply redirecting your domain name. It is better to confirm with Clickbank.

    You are willing to make money by selling Clickbank's products? Let me say, redirection is not the best way at all. Rather you can create a website selling Clickbank products. Post those products on your website and when someone clicks on the Add To Cart button, redirect that to Clickbank's page. This is a genuine way to make leads.

    As far as traffic is concerned, you will need to do Offpage optimization. Depending on what the products are, you may try Social Media Marketing etc.
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      If you want your YouTube video to appear on the first page of Google, the niche has to be either very uncompetitive or the video has to have a lot of backlinks. In that case you could as well SEO your own website.

      I'd recommend not to redirect the domain. Make a review page instead where you introduce the product you want to promote and then insert your affiliate link. You can still make the Youtube video this way and just promote your review page.
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