Article Marketers - Do you go back and edit published articles?

by LadyL08 6 replies
If you have articles that did not make it to the first page(s) on Google and you've only got 4-5K competition and large search volume, do you go back and make changes to that article kw density to try and boost it's rating?

I use EA 90% of time.

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    Personally, I don't anymore.

    I did it a couple of times, but noticed that my rank actually dropped after modifying the article.

    If the competition is that low and the keyword is worth having, a good idea
    might be to build some links to the article or even pay an experienced writer
    to SEO the hell out of an article for you to see if you can achieve the ranking.
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      Nope. Unless I see a HUGE glaring error that kills me to leave there.

      I feel my time is better spent keeping on creating articles.

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        Originally Posted by Peggy Baron View Post

        Nope. Unless I see a HUGE glaring error that kills me to leave there.
        I'm the same way. I'll go back to correct a glaring error, but that's pretty much it.

        If an article isn't doing as well in the search engines as I'd like, I just figure that's how it goes sometimes, and focus on doing better with the next article I write.
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          Nope... never for me anymore...

          I have done once or twice.. but as some pointed out above... it can affect the ranking of an article... maybe some may get better ranking over time after re-submission and then re-indexing later.. but ain't worth it..



          Bare Murkage.........

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          I do not go back and edit but if I have a very succesful one I may use it as the basis for a rewritten article with the same or very similar keywords

          e.g. in my gardening niche site one article is getting 30% clickthroughs so I am looking at that article to find out what is so good about it and then recreate it.

          It is all about testing and checking
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            I’ve never gone back. As kenj said, it gives you a great opportunity to re-write and re-submit. I also like updating my subject line for a more current flavor!

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