Product Creators: DO NOT treat your affiliates like this!

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Last November, one of my niche sites that had been doing 1-3 sales per day suddenly dropped to zero. This change happened right at the beginning of the Thanksgiving holiday, so I didn't notice anything for several days. After over a week of zeros, I knew something was up.

I went to the sales page and noticed that he'd changed it to a pure squeeze page. I signed up to his list, and ordered the product using the link in the first email. Of course, the sale went to a different affiliate (his).

At that time I looked at competing products, and none came close to his. His product is excellent and very comprehensive. It's huge. It's really the leader in the niche.

I sent the product creator a lengthy email. I told him that if needed, I could put together my own product. However this isn't really "my" niche, so I'd rather just sell someone else's product. I then told him I didn't appreciate him stealing my commissions.

He apologized profusely and set up a custom landing page for me.

Since that time, all has been well.

I gave the site a little focus over the past year, and now it ranks #1 for several terms. One of these terms is the one the product creator is targeting. His site is #2 - mine is #1. This Summer my site has averaged 5 sales per day.

Now I realize that I'm not a "super affiliate." However, he gets money on autopilot due to my efforts. The better my site does, the more he makes.

But that wasn't enough.

Yesterday he installed a 30-second pop-up as well as an exit pop-up that offers the product for a $1 "trial" with the remainder to be billed after 15 days.

Again I followed the links, and once again, I don't show as the affiliate for this special offer.

What this guy doesn't realize is that he's now created a competitor. However, I'm not going to be just any competitor. I know his product inside and out, so I will make sure mine is significantly better. I aim to dominate.

It's sad. I can only imagine how much money he could have made from me and his other affiliates over the next several years if he'd just taken care of us.

Don't be that guy.
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    Amen to that Kelly. I'm glad you brought this up because a lot of product creators seem to forget this very important point. Anytime I launch a new product I have two separate webpages. One that I send traffic to and one specifically for my affiliates.

    It's generally a sales page designed to convert well and I encourage my affiliates in any niche to create their own webpages / blogs, to build a list, and then send their traffic to that high converting sale page. This is very easy to do and more people should do it. It will help them attract more affiliates.

    Another thing product creators should do is to cover this on the affiliate page, it will give them an edge over the competiton.

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    That's a shame; the saying cutting off your nose to spite your face springs to mind.

    These days I find it's becoming harder and harder to locate new genuine sellers on Clickbank. More and more have programming to place to channel commissions away from affiliates.
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      Some people are just too darn clever for their own good.
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        Originally Posted by JohnMcCabe View Post

        Some people are just too darn clever for their own good.
        hey - I resemble that remark...

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      Originally Posted by tpw View Post

      It could be that the guy harbors no intention of doing you wrong. It is simply a matter of him discovering a new toy and not knowing how to properly set it up.

      Regardless, you will be better served as a competitor rather than an affiliate.

      It sure does sound like the guy doesn't have much of a clue about how to increase his sales, so he keeps throwing things against the wall to see what will stick.
      The first time, sure, it could have been a mistake. I'm all for second chances, but the intent seems pretty clear when the trial offer shows up on the landing page he set up for Kelly...

      I have a project in development that will include an affiliate program, and I've made money as an affiliate myself, so I just don't understand this kind of behavior. We'll be bending over backwards to make sure that our valuable affiliates will be well taken care of and their commissions protected.
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    Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous people and businesses that will recruit a ton of affiliates and then steal the traffic.

    Similarly, I once had a banner advertiser that was paying me $1700 a month for an ad. He would send over the results each month. I was averaging about 60 customers a month. He talked me into switching over to their affiliate program, where I would make a CPA commission for every sale. He argues that I was throwing money away by charging them a flat monthly fee.

    I agreed and made the switch. The next month, I had 3 sales. I thought maybe it was a fluke, so I continued another month. Month two: 4 sales.

    I removed the banners and he contacted me in a panic asking why the ads were gone. I told him that he was an ass for screwing me out of commissions. He begged to go back to the flat fee. I agreed... at $6,000 a month. He paid it.


    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    That is some pretty shady behavior on his part. For any of my products that I collect emails on I always make sure to use naked links to ensure that the affiliates still get credit.

    Affiliates are my biggest traffic source so it is my job to make sure I do everything I can to make them happy. If you created your own product and cater to affiliates you can easily steal most of his affiliates.
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    It could be that the guy harbors no intention of doing you wrong. It is simply a matter of him discovering a new toy and not knowing how to properly set it up.

    Regardless, you will be better served as a competitor rather than an affiliate.

    It sure does sound like the guy doesn't have much of a clue about how to increase his sales, so he keeps throwing things against the wall to see what will stick.
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    I never understood why clickbank sellers get emails without crediting their affiliates -- it's easy to set up. Sad, really.
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    That's pretty scummy of him. I hope you destroy.
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    What a tangled web some people will weave, things can be difficult enough without you having to keep looking over your shoulder to see who's trying to run you down.

    For some people, where money is concerned, they lose all concept of right from wrong.
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    This is just not the right attitude for people to take at all. I could not imagine double double crossing any of my affiliates and that is because for a lot of people with products it is almost impossible to get anywhere the sales that can be brought in by affiliates.

    If you cross an affiliate you may profit big in the short term but it will end up with very low sales figures in the long run.
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    That is ridiculous...

    I have never even heard of someone treating their affiliates like that... This is certainly a lesson to me in maintaining affiliate relationships.

    If you have time perhaps you can post the flip side of this and some of the exceptional ways in which other have went above and beyond in taking care of you as an affiliate.
    Cheers Tamba
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    That's an awesome story. Dominate, brother, dominate...
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    Thanks for the heads up on shady dealers... It pays to do a bit of homework on who you decide to promote as an affiliate. Check out their sites, their blog, see if there are any complaints... and make friends with other affiliates. If someone is less than honest... the word will get out.
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