what do you think about this blog title?

by Jason Zalesky 11 replies
Blogger Frenzy

Does this sound dumb, catchy? What do you think? Looking for a new name to a blog I am starting and have a few ideas and my wife likes this one and I wanted yalls opinion about it.
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    What is the purpose of the blog?

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      Its just going to document and be about my wife and I experience on making money online. Showing how we did it along the way. We do pretty well as an ebay affiliate for the little work that we have to do for it and it will gear towards that until we open the doors to new projects. It would be our first true blog that we wrote the content for so we are trying to find a catchy name that we can agree on
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    Seems catchy enougth to me but seems to be missing what the frenzy is about.

    What i mean by this is depending on what your blog is about, say it is about marketing, how about Blogger Marketing Frenzy?.

    Replace the word marketing with the main subject of your blog.
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