Cookie clearing from an affiliate link?

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The subject of cookie stuffing is not something I know much about or as to how common it is but it seems to me that it would be useful to have a script that could be embedded in an affiliate link on your web site that would clear the cookies of the person clicking the link to assure that any cookie stuffing that may have been done is eliminated prior to yours going in. Does that make any sense? is this an issue of concern? or am I just being paranoid?
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    Sounds GOOD!

    I'd definitely be interested...

    Hey, you might even have some competition! LOL.

    Just kiddin' - but, I won't be surprised if someone did take your idea.

    It makes sense, because as an affiliate this is definitely something you think about!

    Hope this helps,

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    Ok I wont try anything and since it was your idea I would wait like a gentleman and then visit your page again to read what you have to say. I must say that this does sound good.
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    You have my permission to use the idea, just give me a cut when it is successful, I mean its only fair.

    Affiliate links are not allowed.

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    if they came to your site, couldn't you just send them off with your affiliate link which would then overwrite whatever cookie they already had?

    Clearing a cookie is easy, I am just not sure I understand why you would need to do that if they are coming to you first anyways.
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    You cannot with your web site overwrite or clear a cookie left by another web site. That would be a huge security nightmare if it were possible.

    Cookie stuffing means loading the affiliate link in the background in a hidden frame, so the actual affiliate web site puts a new cookie down on the user's page, saying that you were the last person to send a visitor there, essentially overwriting the cookie.

    There are of course legal and ethical ramifications of doing this. People have been sued silly for doing it. There are also good reasons for cookie stuffing, like if you pre-sell something very well with your own sales page and then send people directly to the checkout page. In that case you need to load the affiliate link in the background in order to get credited for the sales you legitimately generate.

    However, now with most browsers blocking this kind of thing, as well as popup blockers also blocking it, most of your visitors will see a nasty message that will make them think twice about going to your site again.

    I do hear of people who still do it and still make money from it, but cookie stuffing is dead in my opinion, and good riddance.


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