does free listbuilders work?

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hello guys:

i was wondering if free listbuilders really works. i am using one at the moment but i've been wondering perhaps i am not writing the proper solo ads or it just simply doesn't work the free way. i am new to internet marketing so that's why i am trying this. Any recommendations?
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    Free always has a trade off unless it is something like GetResponse. They will allow you to start for free, but once you get so many subscribers you have to pay. You also get more benefits with most autoresponders if you pay and they are not all that expensive.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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      Are you referring to free list services like getresponse's free until 100 subs or are you referring to service that bring you leads or traffic like super-solos, etc?

      I have tried just about everything I think My experience with the free traffic providers are the leads you get a freebie seekers.

      The list you build is not responsive to anything but free offers. However, that being said, it gets you a lead that you can start building a relationship and turn it around to a buyer.

      But, do not expect to get a ton of leads from a free service that you can turn around and start selling to tomorrow.

      One trick that I have used to weed out the freebie only people is as an upsell after they signup for the free item, offer them something no brainer cheap, like a $1 or $2. If they buy that, they have potential, put them on a different list.
      Mike Myers
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