Dealing with Impossible Customers

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Hi all,

Need some advice on how I dealt with a difficult customer and if there was a better way.

But a little backstory is needed first. I have been selling stuff on the internet for a few years, mainly my own software and products and as an affiliate for others too.

I decided to try my hand at seeing what the PLR thing was all about so I setup a site, hired some outsourcers to start filling it up with PLR.

I recently had one of my affiliates mail on a program and after a few sales, I got some complaints about it. And I will say rightfully so after I investigated there was a missing piece in the download.

One of the people that complained said I was not delivering the software and claimed I was selling some other software with the same name and insisted that I send him that software. It was software that until then I had never heard of so I was really not selling it or even trying to bait and switch. However, the PLR provider I am using I think did wrongly name it the same. I disabled the product from the site so that no one else could purchase it.

Anyways, I offered the person a refund and he refused it and said I needed to send him this other software. All this after I explained that I am just reselling from a PLR provider and not the software he was looking for. I even sent him a link to the PLR provider to show him that I did not create the software and was just reselling it.

Did I forget to mention that this was for a $9 product? Through the entire support ticket transaction I was cordial and offered a refund multiple times and explained that I was not familiar with the software he was referring to. It just never sunk in that I was just reselling other software that was named the same and not trying to trick him.

Now he is threatening to go to the FTC and file criminal charges for bait and switch against me and my affiliate. I feel bad for my affiliate because he did nothing wrong.

Besides offer him a refund and disabling the product on my site, what else could I have done?
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    I would just refund his money and tell him to go elsewhere. Some people simply want a reason to sue or get you in trouble. The FTC will do nothing if you have given them a full refund and can prove it. Plus it is only $9 so I really doubt he would even go that route. My guess is that he is using that as a threat. I have dealt with people like this on eBay before and you simply can't please them.

    The best thing to do is refund his money and tell him you no longer wish to deal with him.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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      He's just blackmailing you with the FTC remark Mike.

      Refund his money and ignore him. Some people just thrive on causing trouble because they've got nothing better to do. Bad day at the office, car ran over the cat, mother-in-law poking her nose in - I know I'll take my frustration out on somebody I don't know online and remain faceless and nameless.

      Happens often. Ignore him. Move on. Time can be better spent doing other things and acquiring more valuable customers.


      Pete Walker
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    I am sorry for this situation, I guess we all having difficult customer, some are just worth.

    I am not sure how far he can go. Did he pay you through PayPal ?

    If so, issue a refund on PayPal will make u get rid of him. Second, I don't believe FTC having time to play with him or even pay attention for him, specially after a refund.

    Even if you go to BBB, they don't pay attention to ever claim. If buyer didn't accept a realistic solution , they close the case saying the buyer refused an acceptable solution and count the seller efforts.

    You aren't running a fraud, and his complaint based on logic. I guess every buyer got nothing to do, can always threat with FTC weather he got a case or not.
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    I think those of us in any type of business in which we have clients know what it's like to have customers from Hell.

    I believe that if you know you've done right by the customer, have told the customer that you've done all you can do for him/her, haven't done anything illegal and can prove it, then you just have to let the situation unfold.

    It's rotten when people threaten you like that. I think that most of the time, it doesn't go any further than threats.

    As mums are fond of saying, "Don't worry! It will all work out!"

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      thanks for all of the great replies. The affiliate got the payment, I may see if he will just refund the money. Heck, I will send him the $9 to refund the money.
      Mike Myers
      iDavi - The Digital Products Marketplace

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        Originally Posted by netnutmike View Post

        thanks for all of the great replies. The affiliate got the payment, I may see if he will just refund the money. Heck, I will send him the $9 to refund the money.
        ^^^ This ^^^

        Send your affiliate the $ to cover the refund and have them issue an immediate refund to that customer - and move on.

        At that point, you've explained the situation, acted in good faith, and refunded the buyer upon notice of the problem. So, there is no "loss" to complain about.

        Game over for the troll (although short-circuiting them this way tends to send them off the deep end even further... I'd expect at a minimum some trashy support ticket bashing, etc)

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    Hi netnutmike,

    Yes sometimes it happening to handle some customers but you know customer is everything......In marketing has a law....Customer always right so be cool when you going to angry or disappointed with him/her take your time to think what you going to do.

    Thanks for your ad dons news
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    Thanks again everyone. I really appreciate the feedback.
    Mike Myers
    iDavi - The Digital Products Marketplace

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    Just tell him I don't care and give him a refund.
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