One Man + Several Road Blocks = Success!?

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Hello Warriors,

I wanted to share a rather big triumph I had over this week and want to share several important lessons that hit me all at once today. I do hope sincerely that these lessons I've learned today help you as well.

September 4th 2011: I came up with the idea of creating a home based business that would ultimately produce about $300 a week. In addition I decided that I would record my actions & progression to help evaluate myself so to speak. After about an hour I had all the materials I need to do everything I set out for. A notebook, a pencil, a working pen, loose-leaf paper, and some serious determination.

Lesson #1: Create A Plan & Follow it

September 5th - 7th 2011 (Mon - Wed): Business as usual, I did my usual marketing, ad creation, and testing of different traffic sources. In addition I learned great information on creating a high converting squeeze page, etc

Lesson #2: Make It A Point To Learn New Things

September 8th 2011 (Thursday) :At this point I wasn't very pleased with my progress, the finished business I envisioned would take at the minimum 2 weeks to be completely up and running. However I wanted something to show for my efforts but had no idea how to do it. So I grabbed a piece of paper and began to brainstorm. After jotting down various traffic generation methods the 9th one (list mailing) made me stop. An "AH HA!" moment if you will.

The day before I had just watched an instructional video of how to do list mailings and I even bookmarked the information because I thought it was interesting. I quickly looked at that video again and paid very close attention to everything mentioned. I noted MANY facts in that video that weren't even mentioned by the instructor. Such as the day he mailed, etc.

However I that nagging part of my mind kept noting two very annoying facts. The expense, and the risk! Facts aside I decided to follow my gut and began to contact people willing to let me mail to their lists. I asked tons of questions and was brutally honest about my skepticism. After wards I played the waiting game. By the way I did not do any of my regular routine today.

Lesson #3: Pay attention to detail!

Lesson #4: Give the nagging voice a little credit...only a little.

Lesson #5: Follow your gut!

Lesson #6: Stop spinning your wheels

Lesson #7: Be honest

September 9th 2011 (Friday) : I was beginning to get replies from those that I had contacted the previous day. I had gotten a ton of friendly advice that I was eternally grateful to receive. I was just about ready to go but I still had a roadblock to clear...that nagging voice.

Normally the nagging voice in our heads are there to strictly turn us away from a new idea or plan of action. However I always listen to it but only if it's spewing out facts which in this case it certainly was. The process was much more than I was prepared to spend, and the risk was very very high to even consider. So what did I do?

One of the contacts I spoke to was WELL within my price range which gave my nagging voice less ammunition to pepper my gut with. The risk factor took a little bit of reasoning though. The product I had was rock fact it's the only product I would stake my reputation on because frankly it was that damn good... It was created by a man I fully respect, a product that always got results, and a guarantee that I have never seen. Not to mention 1 single sale would mean I got quadruple my investment back.

It was literally the equivalent of having access to a bank vault, being able to take out anything and everything you wanted with no penalty and to makes things even better have an armored car waiting outside to drive you and the cash home. Anyone that would turn that down is either skeptical beyond belief or just plain dumb.

This reasoning helped me get past the nagging voice and I was ready to set up a mailing date but I got an email that pretty much gave my nagging voice a nuclear device..and it was aimed at my head. The product was only available for the next ten days and the freebie offered was gone. Which meant I needed to mail TODAY and I probably couldn't because the freebie was gone.

At this point I was just about to saw "Oh well, better luck next time." but I followed my gut and started contacting those I spoke with again pleading my case. Frankly guys...I needed this. I wanted this, because my gut told me if I pass this up I was going to be IMMACULATELY ticked off for missing out.

After a few hours of nervous waiting I got a reply saying "I can mail it today!" but there was still the issue of not having a freebie to give. So I did what anyone else that stood by their product would do. I was honest.

In a reply he said that he would mail, BUT there would be no guarantee of results or even clicks. I accepted because the fear of risk was already taken away by my earlier reasoning. So he mailed, I watched my inbox fill with visitor messages. I was anxious... the whole evening. Even though I said I wouldn't, I kept checking to see if anything was made and to my dismay not a single sale. I was crushed, however I knew what I was promoting. I had to remember that. So I went to bed constantly affirming to myself that I would get results.

Lesson #5: Follow your gut!

Lesson #7: Be honest

September 10th 2011 (Duh..Today) :I woke around 1:30pm est, nervously walking to my computer. I turned it on and went to the fridge to grab some water while waiting for it to boot up (like you need to know this stuff). Once it was on, I went straight to the mail box. Filled with almost 200 visitor messages, but the big question was did it work. I logged into click account that has been active since 2008 and has never known a single sale ever(lack products I really believed in)...and there it was my very first sale. A sale that quadrupled my investment, a sale that probably shouldn't have happened but it did because I didn't let any of the roadblocks get in the way.

It just goes to show no matter how many things get in your way to success, you can always get past them. Thanks for reading.
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