My Google Trends Strategy... Will it work?

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I have got an great idea! (I think).

I will call it "The Google Trends Domination", and I will share it with you guys to hear what you think.

Ok, here is the strategy:

1. I will create a WordPress blog with an good domain name related to the content.

2. I will implant WordPress to the domain.

3. I will do some SEO on the bog.

4. I will upload a nice theme to the blog.

5. I will look at Google Trends on the most hot trends and create an article about the trends.

6. I will ad some ClickBank banners to the articles.

7. I will ping the new articles at

8. = profit if the new articles get listed in google before the trends "dies out".

Hierarchy of the strategy:

Do you guys think this will work?


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    Just keep in mind that for popular items there are some MAJOR sites that dominate the SERPS, so you need a strategy that brings people into your site in other ways besides only google.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      I've read a WSO on this before, think it was called "Instant Cash Trends". This sounds very similar to this method. Never tried it but it seemed to work for the author.
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        Originally Posted by Mullguy View Post

        I've read a WSO on this before, think it was called "Instant Cash Trends". This sounds very similar to this method. Never tried it but it seemed to work for the author.
        Cool! So this isn't so stupid idea after all! I haven't read that WSO btw.
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    I have created a blog now and some posts. I have also pinged the articles.

    Does anyone know how long time it takes from I have pinged the articles to the articles are listed in Google?

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      There is no set time for this, it all depends - can happen within hours - can take days. Longest I've ever waited though was about 3 days. All the best with your new blog!
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    Better still would be to predict the trends before they happen.

    I have noticed that when working with trending topics, the first site to rank tends to stick even if large authority sites later publish content for those keywords.

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    Most sites tend to list within 48 hours, but it is all up to the search engines.

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    I sort of tested this out with HubPages and put up some adsense and HubPages ads. I got lots of traffic for the Tracy Morgan "homophobe" story. I actually still get some visitors for that and there is money in my HubPages account. Not enough to withdraw though. I just don't like writing articles.

    The good thing about doing the HP ads is that it's per impression, so the viewer only has to view your Hub.

    I'm sure if I kept going I'd have made plenty of dollars from the ads impressions.

    Good thing about that was that HP ranks well in Google.

    Bad thing was that I hate writing articles. If you've got money to outsource though, why not? Or actually like writing.

    If I had made some good cash from it, I might have written a report on it. I didn't though because my hatred for writing articles all day got in the way and I ultimately gave up. No one would buy it without the income proof.

    I'd say your idea isn't so bad.
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  • Profile picture of the author Suze Thomas
    I think this is pretty much a hit-and-miss strategy. You need to be a good judger of what stories and news are going to be best to rank for AND best to monetize. Thats not necessarily so easy to do, imo.
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    It works, unfortunately for you there are already thousands of people doing exactly the same.

    Find a way to control the trends though, or get first in line before the trend kicks off and you're on to a winner.
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    Yes I do have freebies!

    Expertise comes not through knowledge or skills, but through practice
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      What I have found to work very quickly and effectively for years is to have dozens of lists in the hottest, most competitive niches. Using google trends (or similar service from Yahoo - Yahoo Alerts), find relevant products either in Clickbank or Amazon to promote depending on your lists, and send promotional emails with links to your review pages. No muss, no fuss, and easy profits before the competition can even come close to getting ranked. I call this "Yanking the Chains" of the SERP domination hopefuls.
      “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton
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    If you want to promote such a blog don't just rely on google for traffic use twitter facebook and other social media platforms, i use a combination of wprobot and hootsuite to autopost to my blog and and ping. Fm, i get quite a decent amount of traffic and it converts quite well on a few cpa offers i run on the blog. If you use social media and you think outside the box you can do quite well.
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