If you could start all over again, what would you do differently?

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I've no idea why this was going through my head today, but I couldn't help thinking about the amount of mistakes I made and bad choices coming back into Marketing for the 2nd time, although hindsights a wonderful thing and we learn from mistakes, got me thinking what would I do differently if I knew then what I know now?

- I would have stopped chasing my tail real-quick for the 'next best thing'
- Taken action far quicker instead of trying to master everything first
- Hooked up with a reputable coach / mentor from the get-go
- Connected with other Marketers sooner
- Worked out my Mission, Vision and Values for the Business

Although I had done marketing quite well 12 years ago and could hold my own, Online Marketing strategies move so fast and have evolved a lot over the years.

I'd be interested to hear other Marketers insight into what they might do differently if you could turn the clock back?
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    Id have started building a list much much sooner.

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      Originally Posted by eljeffe77 View Post

      Id have started building a list much much sooner.
      i agree with this.

      i put up a free autoresponder on a site that i expected absolutely ZERO subscribers on, lol just to see what happened.

      and people actually started subscribing. i couldnt believe it!


      the opt-in form i created was not anything special, its a green background and text saying "want to be notified when the site is updated?"

      i was so sure that i would NOT get any subscribers, i didn't bother to fill out any follow-up templates. i had to rush and create one. now i'm up to like 24 subscribers on the thing and i just put the code for the opt-in like a week or so ago
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    I wouldnt have spent soo much time reading IM products, and actually have done something quicker
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    Nothing! You learn from your mistakes a lot more than you learn from your successes.
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    Yes I do have freebies!

    Expertise comes not through knowledge or skills, but through practice
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    The key is to bury the past mistakes and learn from it! I would have focused on one evergreen niche, become an expert in the niche, built infoproducts and a massive list...
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    @eljeffe77, I started building a list pretty much straight away, although I should have left it until I had brought myself back up to speed with strategies etc.

    @harryhumph - That's a big mistake I made, to much time on products not really related to where I wanted to go.

    @Focused Action - Very true, never dwell on the past, concentrate on the present and future!

    @Whos That Guru - That's excellent, keep building the list and relationship with your list and deliver value
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    You'll learn as you go along...

    #second on the list building - have a plan!
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    @ColinChia lol that's very, very true you do learn as you go along and taking action is probably the most important of all the steps
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    I will not procrastinate success already in sight for fear of failing. And promotion my product as often as possible.
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    We are all human and that means we will continuously make new mistakes.

    While the question appears to be hypothetical, it really isn't.

    See, asking "IF you could start all over again..." creates a negative mindset. It makes you focus on the "wrong". BUT here's the thing...

    You CAN start all over again; you can do it now, you can do it tomorrow.

    So, to me, the better question is...

    "What are you going to do when you start all over again?"


    "You get to start all over again. What are you going to do better?"

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    Stop chasing the magic button cash machine.

    Focus on 1 business idea and go for it!
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      Originally Posted by Steven Miranda View Post

      Stop chasing the magic button cash machine.

      Focus on 1 business idea and go for it!
      Well said Steven, yip must admit I chased those for a while, it's easy to get suckered into the sales pages and dreams...

      @Michael Oksa - Very valid point, couldn't disagree with your comments and your right you can start all over again at any point
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        I wouldn't start any time consuming article directories. I wouldn't buy the expensive membership site software that didn't live up to expectations, was hard to use, too buggy and I don't use any more.

        I would go straight to the challenge which got me earning and learning.
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    Good advice Steven. I have so many ideas I don't know where to begin. Can you say information overload? Grrr
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    I would focus on ONE THING.
    One traffic source, one offer. Optimize it until it's profitable.
    Of course you have to play it smart
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    I guess everyone makes mistakes in life, thats why we are human! But if you learn from your past mistakes then you taking the right step ahead .
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