High bounce rate - HELP?

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    You can add videos to your posts. That can increase the time your visitors spend on your site.
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    I have reduced my bounce rate from 75% to 63% by adding quality content. Make sure to add more content on home page and your site structure should be proper so any visitor can click on inner page.
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    the site looks really good, nice and clean. you might want to write a detailed post about distortion pedals - what to look for when buying - different types of pedals, etc. and stick that post on the front page. might engage the readers to stay longer, then click on reviews - might title the post "Buying Guide To Distortion Pedals" - subheader "Everything You Need To Know In Selecting The Best..." - then discuss how you review the best products, etc..
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    The site looks good but you may want to add some information in the top welcome post that explains what a distortion pedal is used for, the price ranges etc and expand that section. You can rewrite a few paragraphs from the buying guide page and put them on the home page to get viewers more involved.

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      Yea, I've heard videos is a good fix for this problem. I don't think the bounce rate is too bad tho ,but i suppose it could always be better
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    Is this the overall bounce rate for the site?

    However, the bounce rate for my site is really high around 70%.
    If yes, then you may want to "look under the hood" just a bit.

    Take a look at the bounce rate for specific keywords...as opposed to the entire site overall.

    Is there a chance you are ranking for some keywords that your content isn't really serving?

    For instance, we have a site and a page of content that ranks for a bunch of long tail terms...but the content isn't really a good match at all...just the fact that these keywords happen to appear on the page...

    So, you can run a Keyword report and take a look at the highest Bounce rate terms. See if the landing page is really focused on those visitors.

    You can then create a new page and link to it in order to get those visitors something they might actually stay on the page for...or you can just filter them out and use a more accurate Bounce % for the really targeted visitors.
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    I agree with jack, you need to find out the specifics and then need to fix those. Yes, video you can add if you like.

    Also like to state that - in affiliate sites the bounce rate is always high as when user click your affiliate links it is count as bounce. So you need to cross check that part as well.

    Overall the site is look nice simple.
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    do you capture your visitors and build your list? If 70% of them leaves your site you can load your squeeze page as an exit popup, give them a free gift and build your list. Once they are on your list you can drag them to your site by just clicking a button. Infact you should have a squeeze page on every page of your site and your major focus should be to build your list than just focus on the CTR of affiliate links. Hope this helps...

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    Debouncing is more of an art than a science. I have found that you tube is my friend on this one. Try adding some mini movies. OK so these will prevent many of the dreaded clicking of the BACK arrow. Remember that search engines hate seeing people hitting that back arrow because it tells them that the quality of the web page is poor. Therefore add some video to keep the user on your site clicking away. Make friends with the search engine. After all, they do send lots of quality traffic to your web pages.
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    You need to see who your visitors are and where they are exactly coming from. If you are attracting people looking for free info and not to purchase from your site that could be a large problem
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    Building a list will filter visitors and get you good conversion rates .
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    Do one thing use the link masking aspect - like redirect.php?id=pageid this way redirect the affiliate through that page this way you can track how many clicks you are getting in those affiliate links and create a goal in google analytics to understand that counts and behaviour. I guess this way you can able to analize more proper way your real bounce rate.

    Take an example - assume a visitor landed in your one internal page - and there they found your affilate link and click there he/she will land to your affiliate site. Now this means he or she is leaving from your site hence this is bounce. Hope I am able to explain what i try to express. If you like you can check Mobile Phones - UK Mobile Phones Shop,Cheap Latest Mobile Phone Deals site ( this is also affiliate site) and you can understand what i am trying to state.
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      Originally Posted by Kyle Oliveiro View Post

      Are you sure about this? If this is true, then my high bounce rate makes sense because I have a moderately high CTR on my affiliate links. I've read that clicking on Adsense ads is not counted as a bounce, though.

      Can anyone else confirm that clicking on an affiliate link is counted as a bounce?
      if they only hit one page of your site, it's going a bounce. Which is as it should be in most normal cases - as a measure of user engagement, any click off of your site is considered bad (not for a marketer though ).

      If you want your analytics to filter these out, then I would use client side redirects for your affiliate links, and make sure that page has your analytics code on it (and that it has time to do it's thing before the page redirects).


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    Jack is correct, you need to look under the hood. What traffic is specifically causing the high bounce? Everyone likes videos and they can definitely work for you to get higher times on site but again it should be focused for the traffic to get the best bang for your sort of speak.
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    Looking at your site, unless someone were to click on an ad or buy something, why not bounce? Your reviews are pretty short. And, at least in the two pages I looked at, there are no links in the text that make you want to click through to get more content. Why not have a report, or buyer's guide or something? Or some longer articles about stuff that you have to click through the posts to get to? Also, I don't know if it was just me, but your site is really, really slow to load. Your visitors might just be getting tired of waiting for the pages to load and leaving.
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    also - as the serious MFA guys would tell you, if you're looking for ad clicks, than drawing people deeper into your site, clicking around, often does more harm than good.


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