6 Million Dollar Article Generation Software Heading Mainstream

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From the full article about the company - Narrative Sciences

“I thought it was magic,” says Roger Lee, a general partner of Battery Ventures, which led a $6 million investment in the company earlier this year. “It’s as if a human wrote it.”

Companies/sites mentioned in the write-up include:
Fox News
Big Ten Network (Increasing web traffic by 40% in the last season)

Hanley Wood (BuilderOnline.com) pays Narrative Science less than $10 for each article of about 500 words — and the price will very likely decline over time.

"“Composition is the key concept,” Mr. Hammond says. “This is not just taking data and spilling it over into text.”"

Full article is here:

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    Wow ... that is a pretty interesting company and service.
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      Wow... Think of the spamtential!
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    Very interesting article.

    The innovative work at Narrative Science raises the broader issue of whether such applications of artificial intelligence will mainly assist human workers or replace them.
    I wouldn't be surprised if it did replace them. Technology can already automate mundane tasks, to the point where entire restaurants can be automated. There's a McDonalds that is run completely by robots, and only has 2 engineers working to maintain the machines.

    I'm impressed by this technology. While it's meant for journalism, it would be interesting to see how it could be applied to other mediums of writing. It could even put a new spin to article spinning. (I couldn't resist. )
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    This is very interesting indeed. Let's see how this plays out in the coming months.

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      Might be a good time for us to actually put up our naturallanguagegeneration.com domain I bought 3 years ago. lol

      It was hardly talked about back then, but I just looked and there's over 300,000 results...mostly edu...so stuff seems to be brewing.
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    WOW - very interesting article!

    AUTOMATION at it's best
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    Simply amazing, I guess that may take out media bias
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