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Since I decided to change the niche of my website, I was going to implement a few new features to the website that aren't going to be WordPress based, just linked to those pages. Do you think its better to put those features into a subdomain or buy completely new domains. What are the advantages/disadvantages to both methods?

Another question, I want to have a SEO section because it has a lot to do with my niche (but not directly related), so should I create a separate website for SEO articles as well -- just so I can have each website based around its own set of keywords? + with more domains I can create a link wheel and direct traffic from all the sites to each other?

What do you recommend?
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    If you plan to market the other features without the main site then new domains would be better. Especially if you can get keyword rich domains for them.

    You can link them all together and maybe share any inbound link power too.

    If you are going to present it as an additional feature of your main page / product it may be better to use a directory name in place of a subdomain.

    My experience has been that adding a subdomain makes the url harder to remember and longer to type in.
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    Yea, I meant directory name. I guess I'll do a search for domains relating to the keyword of my new features and see what I can find. Thanks for the response!
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