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First off,anyone who's good at this, I take my hat off to you. I just got my new site, setup the blog and it dawned me, for this site to work i'm going to have write, and write a lot... I could outsource yes, but I want quality+unique content so that only leaves me. I've always been right to the point kinda guy, even during my short stint in college I could get to the point very quickly and since that wasn't going to fly I had to bs my way through 2/300 words. What i'm trying to do, to help expedite this process, is look at some of the top players in my space and try and study how and what they write about, I know this will only take me so far but is all I got...any advice/insight is much appreciated.
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    Honestly, you've already got a leg up on a lot of writers. Some of us like to meander, and getting to the point is difficult for us. Unfortunately that's usually the key when you're apt to lose someone's attention very swiftly.

    I don't have too many resources on hand, but I'll look through my bookmarks. Most of what I could recommend are paid products, and I don't want to spam you with sales pages.

    My best advice would be to search these forums and look at the folks who are commanding high (comparatively) prices for articles. These are the ones who write content that converts. Some may offer you advice, but you should check their site for a portfolio sample to get an idea of what good web writing looks like.

    However, I think I may have missed a word or two in your original post. If you know you're not a talented writer and don't like doing it, why not hire one? I certainly understand not having the funds to hire a quality writer, but if you're flexible on the "unique" rule you could buy limited-copy PLR of high quality. This is where a PLR writer sells only a certain number of copies (say 25-50) of each PLR pack. With how many people are using PLR online - and how many buy PLR and never use it - your content can still be pretty unique.
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    Originally Posted by cashtree View Post

    I could outsource yes, but I want quality+unique content so that only leaves me.
    If you truly believe this statement, then you've hired the wrong writers in the past. There are a great many professional writers who would provide you with unique, well-written content.
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    ***Especially if you don't have enough time, money, or just plain HATE writing***
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    Originally Posted by cashtree View Post

    any advice/insight is much appreciated.
    I suspect from a couple of other threads that your objectives and mine in writing content may not be identical, but if it helps in any way, my own basic guidelines for "quality content" are in this post.

    I've expressed it there (because of the question asked in that thread) as "guidelines to increase your chances of getting your articles syndicated" but to me that's strikingly similar to "guidelines for quality content", so it will serve here, too, in my opinion.

    I agree entirely with Tina's comment above: there are probably at least 15 - 20 writers here, who post regularly, who can provide you with high quality, unique content ... albeit not in the "$0.01 per word" sort of price-bracket.

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    Getting to the point is actually a strength. Anyway, writing isn't really difficult. Just make sure it's something you know a lot about.
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      Originally Posted by JamesGw View Post

      Getting to the point is actually a strength. Anyway, writing isn't really difficult. Just make sure it's something you know a lot about.
      Exactly what I was going to say, sometimes I can read an article and its so obvious the writer dragged it out to go from 444 words to 500. I'd much rather read a short article that doesn't "beat around the bush".

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    Another option is to write the articles yourself and then hire an editor/proofreader. It will probably not be much cheaper but you might feel the articles will all be "in your own voice".

    Or make it easy on yourself and hire a good ghostwriter. I'm bias, of course.

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    Hi -

    I follow Maria Gudelis because she helps you to 'see' what she is saying - she advocates telling a story to your audience.

    This, combined with your natural ability to Get To The Point, could be a great combo! If you feel like you need to add to or 'pad' your directness, then think about what feeling you are trying to elicit. How do you want your readers to FEEL? Describe it for yourself, then tell your story throughout your writing and you will have your site visitors hooked!

    But really, more than anything else, writing takes practice. The more you do it, the easier it will be and the better your message will flow. Don't be so hard on yourself. Be who you are, say what you want to say, and it will slowly fall into place for you. And yes, having someone proof-read your posts or articles will certainly help, especially when you are just starting.

    Keep in mind that you can post content here on the WF and ask for feedback, too. People here will certainly give it to you!
    >>>>I'm filling in ALL THE GAPS on this 'CLASSIC' way to do AFFILIATE MARKETING.<<<<
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      Are you setting up a blog for personal branding or to supplement/support a product driven niche site?

      Or is it an adsense driven site? etc.

      Here's the reason I ask: The type of site can warrant different quality standards.

      IMO, different objectives call for different standards.

      If your blog posts are simply product reviews, then you can get away with average quality writing (aka "good enough")... In other words, it doesn't have to be perfect.

      You can easily create pre-sell posts/pages (that are average quality) that drive people to your offer and let the sales page do the selling for you. Some people may disagree with me on this. I'm okay with that.

      But if you're writing for your personal blog, and it's your reputation on the line, then the obvious choice would be to create your own content.

      I can appreciate your desire to maintain a certain level of quality. That's very admirable - no question about that.

      But there are times when "good enough" will do the trick.
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    If it leaves only to you, then might as well do the writing of articles yourself since it will be more personalized on your site and it will really present your own personality on the article that you have written.
    I agree with what Rose had stated, you could hire a proofreader or an editor to check on your articles. They are cheaper than hire a writer.
    And lastly, you are really getting advises from professional writers in your thread, you might want to personally inquire from them what you really want to know about the art of writing. The fellow warriors above are professionals and as what valmiller said, you just need to ask for their help.
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    Yes, it sure helps to engage help from others when you are starting out before you develope the art and skills of writtting over time

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    Three things you can do that won't cost you a cent and get right to the crux: 1) review the fundamentals of writing the standard 5-paragraph essay from secondary school; 2) focus particularly on outlining; and 3) brainstorm a list of topics you want to cover in the next quarter in your blog, articles, and e-mails to your list.

    As the expert in your niche, you'll have to define your unique selling proposition. This should evolve naturally - but for that to be effective, you should be the only one who is consciously aware of the process.
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    Hello cashtre!

    Choosing appropriate keywords is extremely important. Analyze your business carefully and think of all the words that relate to your company or product. GOOD-LUCK!
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