Finally after 10 years, 5 months and 12 days...

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I finally made my first buck online!

Back in 2000 I had started up a website to sell a couple of financial books and did all the so-called right things to market the site and the products. Ads, in Ezines, PPC, Articles, Forum Marketing, etc. But nothing ever came about.

Sure I tried other products over the years but never made a penny!

Then about 3 months ago I put up a video on youtube for a membership site and did some backlinking to the site over the course of 30 days and again nothing so I thought it was another failure. But this time I left up the video and didn't take the link down.

This past weekend I decided to check the stats of the membership/products site (they've added a few products) and in the affiliates stats page I noticed that I made a sale!

Boy was I shocked!!

Now if the sale sticks and next month I do get paid then I can offically say I am not a professional newbie.
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    So, how much do you think you have made per hour? 0.0000000000000000000000001 cents? Hey, some don't even have that 1 at the end, so you are better than a lot!

    Whatever you did to make the money was probably luck. Ten years per sale is a lot of time to wait I would start from scratch. Pick a method that you want to make money with and learn how to execute it. Find some case studies and duplicate them.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    Well, that's perseverance. Congrats on your sale. Now that you know it's possible, regroup and either expand on your idea or make a new plan.
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      Originally Posted by sbucciarel View Post

      Well, that's perseverance.
      No, that is procrastination. 10 years for one sale is not the work of perseverance.

      Take this first sale as trophy to remind you that it's possible.

      If you like, tape a picture of your earnings in front of your computer as a means to motivate you.

      Get another sale in a months time maybe?

      Good Luck.

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    Congrats and I hope it's the first $1 of many more.
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    Mate great job, that's better than a good 75% that try online! So keep it up
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    Well you sure had focus and stuck with it I would agree with the others and find something
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    rinse & repeat

    seriously though... you've been at this 10 years, with zero sales until now?

    Even with PPC? Usually, making sales from ppc isn't that hard - the trick is usually making more than you spend.

    I think you should consider finding an experienced mentor - someone who can look over what you've done and figure out what needs done to turn things around for you.


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    Wow, I am surprised. All that time, and effort for one sale. But hey, not bad. I suppose you weren't dedicating yourself full time to it. Anyhow, when you see your first sale is the big boost you need to kickstart yourself and implement strategies. Now that you know money can be made, get yourself back on track. Good luck!
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      Congratulations George. I suggest a regroup and an update of your skill set. Consider that you can now afford to take your self to Web University.

      Someone once said to me that a year in Web language was equivalent to three years of a human life. I have just “come back” after having a huge html site in 2000-2003. I spent redundancy money getting it up and running. They say hindsight is 20 20 vision. If I had invested that money in a property I would be sitting pretty now. Oh well we all have free will……………….I just keep telling my self I am well trained.

      Starting again with WP has been at first a bit of a shock – that I was starting from scratch, but now 4 weeks on and with the help of – yes you can build a site with only and a bit of nouce, I will have lift off in 2 days. (with my own original fat informative ebook on infertility).

      Go for gold George!
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    Great job, now you've found something that can work for you. Multiply your efforts and you should start seeing more money!

    Facebook page for inspiration & JV opportunities-

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    Thanks everone.

    You're right EBR it was dumb luck because I didn't do any other marketing other than the video I did that because it was a template that they gave us. No Michael it wasn't a ClickBank sale (which is funny because I am looking at clickbank products right now to promote).

    I was suprised that it took so long but over the last few years I figured I had a combination of a.d.d and new shiny syndrome meaning I have purchased alot of new shiny WSO's).

    Not procrastination just frustration of doing one thing after another and not getting it to work.

    Oh well, I need to get better at writing better articles and making the next videos attractive so I get the next 100 folks quicker and maybe even on a list (I have the link going to the memberships sales letter for now).

    Thanks again.
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    A journey of a thousand miles begins, with one step... so keep up the hard work!

    There is a wealth of information in the forum and a lot of keen members willing to help, so if your ever feeling stuck - at least you know you got people here who got your back! (well, most of the time - LOL)

    As suggested earlier, it might well be worth finding a mentor or at least a mastermind group to help you make your next dollar - things might move a lot faster that way, when you make yourself accountable and others around you can spur you on for motivation.

    Hope this helps,


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    Congratulations on your first sale. I hope that gives you a good perspective that it is quite possible to earn some nice cash for sales on line.

    I do hope you spend time reading in these forums, it's not difficult to find the warriors who share good information from their experience. Once you master what you need to do, sales will come faster and more frequently.

    Best of luck to you for success.
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    I am happy you made your first sell see hard work pays off. Now that you have something that you know made you a sell rinse and repeat . So you can make more sells
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    Hey George you mention that you have ADD well I just wanted to give you a word of advice. Because what I have found is that it takes a good ninety days of being persistent at one thing, before you start to see any real results. So maybe you should really knuckle down to the video marketing for now. Give that a 90 day go and really see what you get out of that. Be consistent and put up content at least three times a week. And try and find value to give to your market. You will be amazed at what the heck it can do for you.

    Congrats on your first sale by the way. Money in the mail is so freaking awesome, it makes you never want to stop. =D
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    The first is always the challenging part, and once you overcome the first, it will be smooth sailing on the next. Congratulations on your achievement and with what you have shared on this thread, perseverance and determination really pays as what you have attained. This will only tell people not to give up and never be discouraged, and I know this would be a start of more earnings and sales to come. As you have been waiting for it for a long time and you just have to continue on what you have been doing. Be consistent in what you do, and don't let discouragement and disappointment overcome your desire to really learn and prove to yourself that you can do it too.
    If other people are successful to it, there's no question why can't you do it also. It's a matter of asking, what's in those people that wasn't in me? Then if you can find the answer to that, you could be like them on their success or achievement.
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