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Hey guys,

I am helping a client with a vlog, looking to use I am wondering if I can get some recommendations on a good camera to use...looking for hi-def, mic inputs, compatibility with Mac's Final Cut Pro for editing. I used to be a flip cam guy, but my old baby just died and I HAVE to upgrade, so looking to spend a little money on something really nice. Let me know your thoughts Warriors, thanks!

Mac the Knife
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    I am pretty happy with a Kodak Zi8, but there is another one out that is a 'Duo' - The Duo allows you to see yourself as you record yourself... Pretty versatile!

    Note exactly sure of the Duo's name... but I think THIS is it:
    Sony Bloggie Duo CameraSony Bloggie Duo Camera - Don't worry - it's not an affiliate link .I have heard good things about the Bloggie Duo, but haven't seen one in action.

    I know that the Kodak Zi8 really likes *light*... and in my experience it doesn't handle shadows well. SD Media is inexpensive, and pay attention the speed of the SD memory. I usually use a '6' or higher for camera work. The speed helps the image recording time.
    Hope that helps you out!

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    thanks Patrick! I have come across both of those, and was checking out the Kodak Zi8 a little earlier, much appreciate!

    Mac the Knife
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    Iphone4 or better an 4s. (The 4s now has 1080p HD resolution like the zi8) I have 2 flips a zi8 and a playtouch but now the Iphone is my main cam.

    In fact at Blogworld this weekend they had a whole session devoted to video blogging on an iphone so that says something.

    Mac compatible of course. It's connected to wifi/3g for quick upload, you can edit on the phone if you want, some great apps to give your video a polished look and yes you can connect a mic. Also you can tap focus, and lock exposure and white balance, unlike the zi8 (which is a nice camera)
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