How to spin not knowing about topic in my advantage?

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Hi every one. Let me explain a title a bit more. I want to start a blog about me trying to learn finance (currency trading, stock investing, quantitative finance and stuff like that). That's what i intend to do in the future but right now i would like some money to move out. So i dont know if somehow i could make money from this blog. One reason is that i cant publish products about finance since i am learning it. Only way i see it is that i do affiliate marketing on products and books and some ad sense. Some hep would be appreciated.

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    You can get quality PLR ebook on finance and rebrand it. You can also add links to your affiliate products inside it.
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    You can purchase and consume material about finance and comment about what you've learned as you go along.

    The thing about experts is that they already know all this stuff. They can't un-learn it. So over time they become out of touch with what it feels like to not know or understand very basic things.

    You on the other hand know absolutely nothing. You'll have the same questions that others who know nothing have. So find the answers and write about your learning process. Recommend the products that gave you the answers you needed in a way that made sense to a total newbie. Interview experts to get more answers and post affiliate links to their products if you found them helpful.
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      Ronnie over at PLR Me has awesome plr on the finance niche
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        Originally Posted by Velant View Post

        You can get quality PLR ebook on finance and rebrand it. You can also add links to your affiliate products inside it.
        If he doesn't know anything about finance, how is he going to know he's getting quality PLR?

        I've come across many PLR packages that were unusable. Not because they were badly written, but because they were so full of factual errors that rewriting to correct the errors would take longer than starting from scratch.

        I think David Chung is on the right track. There are subjects where stuff I take for granted is amazing stuff for people who don't know that stuff. I don't always give myself credit for knowledge because I know there are a lot of people who know even more than I do, and I feel like a newbie when I study their stuff.
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