Barnes and Noble Gift card...looking to buy IM book for newbie

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So there are countless sources online for a newbie to learn IM from, but I have a gift card for my birthday to Barnes and Noble so I figured I would drop it on an IM book.

Any recommendations?

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    They have a website. Log on and look around.

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    Word of advice though, this business changes so incredibly fast, on a month to month basis almost, that some of the available books might be already outdated and not very useful.

    If you pick one out, ask for opinions of it here at WF
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    How To Win Friends & influence people is a good one. The best thing you can do is pick something, research it and then DO IT. Don't read anything else unless its relevent. focus.
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    I don't have any specific book to recommend, but I would advise to make sure it is very recent. The IM field changes quite rapidly, I'm afraid the best books are probably ebooks, which can't be purchased at a book store.


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      I LOVE books! I'm a huge bookworm and admitted bookaholic.

      But I doubt that BN has anything worthwhile on Internet marketing. I spend time there often because I love to do it and love to peruse the books. But I've never found anything worth buying on Internet marketing in a bookstore. (And I've looked!) I think the Internet changes too fast for the publishing world to keep up. Plus, every smart marketer with good IM info isn't going to put it in a book and sell it for $20.

      Look for IM training products online and go for the best you can afford. That said, bookstores have a lot of good books on other topics. There was a thread not too long ago where someone wanted to spend some money at Amazon and asked for recommendations. He got a ton of good recommendations.

      Mine would be Dan Kennedy's No B.S. books which are available at Barnes & Noble. And those are books worth laminatng!

      Hope that helps!

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