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I have found a number of keywords with high traffic, low competition and good adword value. I'm now going through the process of analysing the competition to see what they're selling as affiliates, or what google ads are being displayed on them.

None of the blogs I'd be competing with are affiliates for products, and only a few sites in the niche have google ads.

Can anyone offer some guidance as to whether this is either a good or bad thing? Thanks.
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    Big thinking aggressive marketers would probably say it's a bad thing, they invite competition, the likelihood of your being the first to prospect that vein is small, you almost have to assume other already had no luck.

    Perhaps you just need to be more clever in converting people over to a paying topic.

    Make dog trick viewers into dog training enthusiasts.

    “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field” Niels Bohr

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      Without actually seeing the keywords I couldn't really comment
      but your thought process seems pretty good.

      A lot of website owners are clueless on monetising their websites
      properly so don't think that what they're doing is always the right
      thing to do.

      If you've done your research and think that a keyword will be profitable
      for you then go for it.

      A quick way to check how profitable a keyword is, is to run a ppc
      campaign for that keyword for a few days and get some real numbers.

      If it turns out to be profitable then put your efforts into seo.

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