$2500 and 10 hrs/wk. What should I do?

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Hi all,

I am relatively new to IM. I have about $2500 and 10 hrs/week that I am wiling to invest. What are your recommendations about how to best spend that time and money?
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    Probably need to offer a bit more info but for now hold onto your cash and do a lot of free reading but when ready you could probably invest a little in some education about the direction you want to go in.

    Do you have any specific skills that you think might come in handy? The best way to make money online is to be useful and genuine. There's heaps of ways to make a little money, lots of ways to make a fair bit and even a few ways to make a lot.
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      Definitely keep the money in your pocket for now.

      First, sit down and figure out what your skills, strengths and interests are.

      Second, learn all about the various business models online - you'll get most of that information just reading in the forum.

      You're best chance of success out of the gate is to match up the first with the second.

      Once you've determined your initial direction, that is when you can start spending a little money. Domain and hosting for sure, possibly design, too, to begin with.

      Before buying any guides, plans, products or coaching, read up on the creator and make sure you're buying from someone who has succeeded in exactly what you want to do. Don't buy anything based on the sales copy alone.

      Once you've figured out whose plan you wish to follow, purchase that product/membership and then focus on following it to the letter at least once through. Don't buy anything non-related to that method/business model. Focus in this period is what will get you where you need to go.

      After you've followed through and have a bit of experience under your belt, the next time you can tweak things a bit and start trying your own twists.

      Good luck!
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    A piece of advice: Try to hold on to your money. Just because you have cash to spend doesn't mean you SHOULD spend it. I would recommend checking the WSO section for a complete "blueprint" to follow, if you don't have anything at all in mind currently.

    As WSOHelp said it all comes down to your skills, interests and experience. There's no one path that works for everyone.

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      I agree, hang on to your money and spend the ten hours a week learning. There is lots of good free information on this forum, follow threads that you are interested in and don't worry about asking questions. Another good place to try is challenge.co for free training, a sort of earn while you learn thing.
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        I just wanted to add that since you already know you only have 10 hours per week to dedicate to this right now, look for people who have succeeded with working part-time on their businesses.

        My personal recommendation would be to read up on Michael Gunn. He still works full-time in the education system but makes more than many full-time IMers in his online endeavors. Michael has getting a lot done in a short time down to a science.
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    You could possibly use the money for a PPC campaign. Another idea is building a website and getting a product to sell on there.
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      Agree with those who say time is your friend here as opposed to money.

      If you spend enough time readin up, you'll know where that money is best invested in the future.
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    What to do?

    Well, there's a learning curve in everything. So the first thing to do is to gain a general idea of marketing. There's online marketing and offline marketing.

    Then choose which area you want to specialize on. Choose the area that best fit your skills.

    Are you a people person? Can you easily network with other professionals? Are you comfortable reaching out to business owners? Then go do offline marketing.

    Maybe you prefer to work purely online without much physical contact and you can craft amazing articles that are very persuasive and you have certain technical skills on computer and the internet. Then do online marketing.

    You noticed I haven't mention any cost yet. You see whether it's online of offline, if you are learning it on your own, the point of entry is almost free.

    It means you can learn things without initially spending. When you've learned things and know people in the industry then I recommend you spend your money if you are really serious on an excellent mentor with a proven track record of results.

    Read that carefully.

    You must choose a mentor who's done everything you want to accomplish. This way even if you spend your cash, you'll be on the fastest route to get it back and even more.

    However, choose a mentor only after you've learned online and offline marketing. Doing this will allow you to choose who the real mentors are and not be deceived due to lack of experience.

    Wishing you success!
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      I'd say find a method that seems to work for you based on your time available and that you like working. Don't focus on the money. Expenses will most likely come up with whatever path you take e.g. hosting, registering a domain etc. But hang on to the money until you start working your plan and can realize what investments might be wise then
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    If I were going to tell you to spend any money at all, I'd tell you to upgrade your membership here so that you can access the War Room. You'll find lots of extra information, including reading and special offers, that you can't get on the regular forum.

    Other than that, I recommend sitting on your money a bit.

    Originally Posted by TigerNone View Post

    Hi all,

    I am relatively new to IM. I have about $2500 and 10 hrs/week that I am wiling to invest. What are your recommendations about how to best spend that time and money?
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    Here's what you do:

    Day 1: Spend $37 on the War Room
    Days 2-7: Learn as much as you can and find a method you might like
    Day 8: Spend $100 on a domain and hosting
    Day 8 Night: Spend $2363 on a ridiculously awesome party or vacation
    Day 9 morning (or when you get back from vacation): Wake up, realize that you're completely broke, and go at it hard to work on your business.

    ......or just go with the War Room and save the rest...
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    I will also repeat- hold on to the money! Think of the best possible business use for the money and the best ROI.
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    Decide what you want to achieve... Then make a plan!

    Non of the above even mentions money yet - but are the 2 crucial aspects you need to seriously consider before you even begin!

    Hope this helps,

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    Let me reharsh whats been already said- first learn and then take action.

    There are several models to choose from in internet marketing.

    You have article marketing, video, SEO, PPC, PPV, classifieds etc.

    Find a model to start with. I would advise you outsource because quality sells online. The best marketers outsource a lot of their work.

    You can outsource your web design, article writing, SEO etc and focus on packaging it together.

    In time, you'll make money
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    Use PPC (not adwords) and promote affiliate products. If you're lazy, direct link your ad to your affiliate link. Buy a cheap .info domain as the cloaker. With PPC, everything works on autopilot. Alternatively to PPC, you can buy advertising space from website with high traffic. This method also works on autopilot.


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    You can always buy a website.. Obviously try looking for a site that would require less than 10 hours a week in work.. Try looking at available sites through Flippa..
    gaming pc deals - steam games
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      First of all, what do you know? That's the biggest part.

      Do you know how to make websites? Do you want to learn to if you don't already?

      Are you a member of any affiliate networks? That is always a good place to start. The $2500 isn't really needed unless you build a real nice customer website but that usually isn't necessary since you could just install wordpress if you have hosting.
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    That depends on what your goals are. Me personally, I would find someone on the forum who offers a Coaching course. Make sure they are reputable and have been in the forum for a while. Once you get one thing under your belt move on to the next project.
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    Originally Posted by TigerNone View Post

    Hi all,

    I am relatively new to IM. I have about $2500 and 10 hrs/week that I am wiling to invest. What are your recommendations about how to best spend that time and money?
    You have time and money to invest. That's good. There are several different paths you could take to make money online. You could start by offering a service like ghostwriting - doing research and writing for others. Offering a service is the fastest way to get paid online because you get paid via Paypal. Although, you have to have somewhat of a flexible schedule to do this because you have to work around other people's schedules--probably not your best option.

    You could also sell your own product, but this is not a method recommended for newbies--not only because of the overhead costs but because there's a saying in internet marketing that goes something like this. "If you can't sell other people's products, you probably can't sell your own." The reason for this is because selling your own product requires certain knowledge and skill sets. Also, if you want to make it big, you will need joint venture partners and affiliates to support you, which means you have to have built up a reputation in the industry.

    You could also open your own PLR store. PLR stands for Private Label Rights, which is basically content (usually written but can be video) that people can purchase, modify, and use as their own. In having a store, you will write (or have content outsourced) on a variety of topics based upon what people are searching for in the search engines. You can also take requests and run specials. The income is residual, and you get paid via Paypal. You can also work around your own schedule.

    Last but not least, I want to talk about what is undoubtedly the most popular way to make money online (and the one I prefer due to earnings potential: Making money with a niche blog via affiliate marketing. A niche blog focuses on a theme like weight loss or dating and usually contains both product reviews and related info. They enable you to generate multiple income streams from one site, pay residual income, work around your own schedule, and allow you to make money writing about things you are passionate about. This method is great for participate in things like product launches and for holiday time and beyond.

    To take advantage of all that having a niche blog has to offer, you just need to right training. For this, I recommend Unstoppable Affiliate by Andrew Hansen and Josh Stanton. They use a straightforward and realistic approach to teach the beginner marketer all the ins and outs of niche blogging so that you can get everything up and running ASAP. In addition to the basic course, they also offer a popular coaching program you can choose to take part in.

    I hope you find all this information to be of some use and that I didn't overwhelm you too much. I just wanted to give you an idea of what's out there so you can get something going for yourself. Good luck with everything.

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    I think the war room would be a good investment
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  • 1.) Choose something you enjoy doing, and are good at.
    2.) Create a digital product about it.
    3.) Usa the free trial of Camptasia or any other software to create videos out of your Power Point Presentation about the product.
    4.) Use Word to write out your book and then save it as a PDF
    ---BINGO! Unique product created.
    5.) Sign up to about 15-20 document sharing sites and give away your first few pages for free, and also include a link to your site to get the full thing for whatever price you set.
    6.) Get a wordpress site and create a sales letter / Check out Fiverr if you don't know how
    7.) Upload it, Promote it, join forums, build a list.

    ** Fiverr is a good place to make money online if you are just starting out.**
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    Seeing as you're new to all of this I would recommend signing up for the War Room and begins soaking up all the information in there. There's so many different avenues you can go down so find a few that interest you the most or you have skills in, do some research and take action!
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    People pretty well covered it. That $2500 means nothing until you have a plan, have taken action, and know what you're doing. In fact, the money can do more to harm you at this point than help you. There are tons of ways to start making money in IM with no expense (or no expense outside of a domain name and hosting, at most). Once you are actually generating some income and you have some meaningful data to analyze, that's when you can start thinking of using your cash to enhance or expand your efforts. Until then, it serves no purpose. If you could just throw money into IM and make money, everybody would be doing it.
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      Put your $2500 in your pocket and find out what part of Internet Marketing appeals to you and gets you enthusiastic. Warrior Forum would be a great place to start and invest in. You will learn so much and see which direction you want to go in. Good Luck

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      Originally Posted by Kyle Oliveiro View Post

      He mentioned that he was completely new to IM. How, then, would he just 'start a SEO' service?

      Did you start your SEO service without knowing anything about internet marketing?
      Thats his MO crappy one liners.
      Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

      ― George Carlin
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    Make a partner with me and make a lots :p
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    I'm actually in the same position as Tiger none. Thx for all the info...this forum is a treasure mine!
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      Originally Posted by online seo View Post

      if you just start a online SEO service then it is better.you can earn more money from this source later.
      Originally Posted by seo adviser View Post

      you can start a small business through online,rather than you start a seo services.
      You guys really think we're too stupid to recognize duplicate accounts?
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