Here's Why E-mail Ain't Dead...

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I just got an e-mail through from Perry Marshall
with a link to a very interesting graphic that
compares the usage of E-mail to that of
Facebook, Twitter, Websites and Google+ :

Original Source: The Value of Email [Infographic] - ReadWriteCloud (no affil.)

So next time you hear that good old e-mail is dead,
remember to laugh out loud.

Dedicated to mutual success,

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    Yep, e-mail isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Might get harder to hit the inbox and cut through the noise though...

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    It's hard to hit and to make somebody actually ready it but email is here to stay for long time.
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    Thanks for posting the graphic... something tells me it's not to scale :-) Shows how much spam there is through email when you look at the ratio of email messages to accounts, compared to the others. (and i have a feeling a lot more of those 188 billion emails is spam, rather than just the 106 billion). The quality of the list and the niche you're in are obv two huge parts of whether email marketing is successful or not.
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    I'd love to know the figure on how many texts people send out per year.


    EDIT: I just read on that they are estimating 7 trillion texts for 2011. And yeah, e-mail is far from dead.
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    Email definitely isn't dead. In fact, most people check their email the very moment they wake up in the morning.
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    Yupp... whoever said Email was dead - probably ain't doing it properly!


    Trying to sell you something - LOL!

    #Second on that chart for the percentage of them emails that is SPAM!
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    The demise of email has been predicted and failed over and
    over again. I remember in the days when blogs and RSS were
    becoming popular many people were saying the email was
    dead. It's still alive and well.

    Long live email marketing!

    -Ray Edwards
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    woah nice graph, had no idea email market is so big!
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