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Hi warriors,

I've been a member for a little over a month and I'm trying to be active in making posts on topics which I feel I can add value... My question is what is the best way to be able to see if anyone has made a comment to your comment? It's taking a lot of time to keep looking at my statistics and scrolling down the entries. Is there a better way? Not that I'm looking for comments... but if someone has a question, I'd like to answer or if someone likes what I said... I would like to thank them for the feedback...
Thanks for your input..
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    Hi Suellen,

    To automatically subscribe to any thread you post in -

    (Top left) click 'User CP'

    (Left menu) settings and options > edit options

    (Second box down called 'messaging & notification) default thread subscription mode > (select) 'instant email notification' and scroll to bottom and click 'save changes'

    You'll get email when a new reply is made to the thread. It doesn't always arrive for me at certain times (I think when the forum is overloaded it fails to send notifications), but most of the time it does.

    There is a manage subscriptions option under the 'quick links' menu item (top right), and individual thread subscriptions can be managed via the 'thread tools' link, at the top of each thread.

    Does that solve your problem?

    More tips here

    Roger Davis

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    The easiest way is to subscribe to any thread you want to keep an eye on, which can be done with the "Thread Tools" drop down at the top right.

    Also, when you create a new post you can set your subscription and email notification preferences.

    Then you can check for new updates to any subscribed thread by hitting the quick links drop down up in the top bar then, and choosing subscribed threads.
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    If I'm really interested in a thread I usually hit the thread tools tab and go down to "subscribe to this thread". That way I will receive an email notification when someone replies with a new comment in the thread. For me it's just a way to stay in the know when new information has been posted in the thread.
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      Originally Posted by cokee88 View Post

      You now have a little history about the people who will tell you what to do. It is important to remember that you come through the chain of command and even more important to respect those older than you. This company is composed of a tightly knit community, so be sure to remind you that you are now a part of it too. If you enter the DP today enjoys working with you, chances are you will always have a job. Keep this in mind. . . and not mess up.

      Ok... I'm not sure I understand what you are saying here.... Yes I agree that it is important to respect those who have come before me and hold great information.... I hope I have done this. If I have not... please let me know where I have erred?:confused:
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        If you post over many topics, I find it gets a bit much to manage them in my subscribed threads.

        I therefore only subscribe to the ones I deem to be important.

        For the less important stuff I want to catch up on, I'll click User CP (top left) > Your Profile > User Statics > Find all posts by [user].
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    Thanks to all who offered suggestions. I knew there had to be a simple solution! This forum is just too great to not have answers.

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    I just search my username... This was a question I had as well. Thanks for doing all the work Suellen!

    Jeff Legg
    Billings, Montana

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