What is holding you back?

by AlexR
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I'm after some feedback from those that are either completely new to IM or have been dabbling in it for some time without any real success.

Please post
How long have you been trying to break into the field?
What you feel is your biggest problem (skills, knowledge, attitude, time, motivation, etc)?
What have you already tried?
Why do you think you have failed?
What do you feel would help you most to get moving in the right direction?

If you don't want to give any secrets away publicly, feel free to PM me. Provide as much info as you can. All communication will be kept strictly confidential.

Please DO NOT PM me for HELP with your problem. I don't have the time to address individual cases at this time.

Depending on the responses I get here, it may turn into a WSO. Those that I feel would benefit most from it will be offered the product for free.

Not everyone that responds will get the free WSO. I am the sole judge as to who will or will not.

I apologise to those who will not be selected. You may be offered the product at a cheaper price than the advertised WSO just for responding to this post.


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    Hi Alex,
    I have just started about 6 months ago. I am trying my hand at a JV Giveaway event first to start a list. I've tried a CPA and affiliate marketing but not gotten too far with that mostly because the WSOs I purchased are very specific and I don't have access to a lot of what was suggested. I think my biggest problem is knowledge. I'm not sure how to upload the giveaway and where do I upload it?
    I think to get me going in the right direction I need some basic questions answered on uploading products, squeeze page, sales page, product etc.

    Peace & Light,

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      niche selection paralysis

      Affiliate links are not allowed.

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