Facebook Page vs Facebook Group - Pro's and Con's?

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Hi warriors,

I'm contemplating either setting up a fb page or group for a new project. Which would you guys recommend?

I know for the group option, currently, you can just invite all of your existing friends and they will be automatically added to the group... That actually helps kick things off quite a bit...

As for a fb page, not too sure if it's possible... can someone enlighten me? Else, the kicking start part for the FB page will definitely be tougher (as compared to that of the group)

The only advantage I see for a FB page is that you get to post as an "independent entity"... and I guess you can throw in an opt-in form in there too...

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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    The consensus among the FB business courses is to use a Fan page, the main advantage is you have better control of the content than a group, where you might lose control of the focus.

    There are a lot of cool things you can do with iFrames and 3rd party apps made for Fan Pages, while a bit expensive, it's worth seeing the suite of functionality NorthSocial provides.

    “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field” Niels Bohr

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    I have always prefer the Fanpage over the group.
    Steve - Ga RedNeck
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    Stay with Fan Pages. Because you have full control with it.

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    I think you should go with pages as the group doesn't allow you to add some of the most popular apps such as welcome pages, twitter integration and so on.. Also like mentioned above the content control is different.
    Nova Pagina - Portuguese IT firm || Web Development
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    Go for Facebook page & Increase your fans
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  • You should make the FB group if you want to inform some particular group of people, for example the members of your organization, your co-workers. The FB group is perfect for inner purposes. But if you are a representative or manager of some big event, company or a product you should make the FB page.
    The main difference between them are the publicity, of course the page is more public. fanpage has more features than group.
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    I have had zero luck building a large group.
    My biggest fan page is close to 8000 fans and growing while my groups seem to stall around a couple hundred members.
    Plus with all the extra apps you can add to a fan page I dont see why anyone would create a group.
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    Groups work better as a tool to gather people. They also tend to be geared more towards interaction with each-other rather than one voice (or brand) that a fanpage offers.

    Groups 2.0 also give your members more privileges by default, such as creating their own events.
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    yes you cant do that auto add thing with a page! but what i like about the page is you can add iframe app which allows you to add html code!

    fantastic stuff
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