Killer Wordpress tool to provide social proof

by jonb
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A couple weeks back I started this thread:

It's proven very popular, so I thought I'd chime in from time to time with new things I've learned as I've progressed. I hope those of you with membership sites will join in, and we can share lots of great ideas.

This time, it's how I stumbled on a very powerful marketing tool called WP-Wall. It's a sidebar plugin for Wordpress that allows members to post short Twitter-like comments that appear instantly. They also show up on a page within the blog or site where visitors can scroll through all these mini-posts.

I put it on the site originally as a fun extra, thinking that members might like a way to chat with one another while surfing through the site. However, it's become something far more powerful.

As people discovered the site, they began posting outrageously positive testimonials using the WP-Wall tool. Stuff like "Simply Outstanding. This is the most complete site I have ever seen on the topic of writing for children. This is truly a blessing" and "This site is amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your blood, sweat and tears that went into this."

The upshot? When prospective visitors come to the site, they immediately see customer raves that appear to be completely impartial and 3rd party ('cause they are). That's some very powerful social proof -- and I don't even have to ask for the testimonial or permission to use it!

If you have a wordpress blog or membership site, check out WP-Wall at WP Wall - Wordpress Plugins

To see it in action, visit The CBI Clubhouse - a Community for Children's Book Writers and look in the sidebar.

PS: For those who are curious -- each WP-Wall posting is treated by WP as a comment, so you can delete any of them, choose to moderate them or whatever.
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    Just put it on one of my blogs - thanks for the info!
    "Knowledge is NOT power... ACTION on Knowledge is power"
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    Neat trick. Thanks, Jon!
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    Neat little plugin that - I thought I'd seen all of then!

    Have you considered a private forum yet on your Wordpress membership sites?
    Simpleress Forum looks great.
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    Great, its awesome - thanks for the tip Jon
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    Simple: Press is nice forum will have to look into this wall more. I assume it was like the wall on facebook when i first came across it
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    I am really glad I saw this thread. Both of those Wordpress Plugins (Simpleress and WP-Wall) are PERFECT for my two websites. =) Will implement them tonight and may report back on them tomorrow.
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    Would never imagine my plugin used for these purposes but congrats on the creativity
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      Thank you! I've implemented it

      - James.
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    Thanks for pointing out both these plugins.

    The Simpleress Forum could be the answer to something I've been looking for.

    Great idea for using the WP-Wall plugin.

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    A great post, thank you John! I'm really glad I saw this thread, I'm looking at expanding my source list into a membership site. The plug ins mentioned here are a great idea and will very useful for websites and their source pages. Thank you for this great thread!
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    Thanks for the tips! I'll try that out.
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    Mate, you are a wealth of information!
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