MMM = surefire traffic.

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Not how you think.

I added Maverick Money Makers to my IM review site (basically saying it's pure MLM scam and to stay away). I've been getting 3X my normal daily traffic since I did the post - from those searching for info about MMM.

I'm sure that if anyone did a blog post they'd see a similar traffic spike. Can't speak to the quality of the traffic, though.

I'm sure I'd see some real gems if I had commenting turned on.
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    Hey Kelly,

    That's great! It goes to show that some people are looking into the pros and cons of programs before they join.

    Information that isn't provided just for the sake of making a sale is hard to come by. Looks like you're being rewarded for it.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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