most important factors in finding a niche?

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okay. so i have a niche in mind. what do you think the top factors are in researching a niche you are thinking of getting in to? thanks for any help! great forum here!
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    The niche needs to get a sufficient amount of traffic in order to be successful. This can come from a variety of keywords within the niche. It should also have sone buyer intent in order for you to make money from it.
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    If you want to make money then obviously the most important factor is how easy it is to make money.

    I found the most difficult part of picking a niche is finding one with plenty of opportunity and you can have a passion for.

    It needs to be profitable for you to make money. It also should be something you are interested in since you will have to type up lots of unique quality content for backlinks and the site itself.

    Usually the most profitable niche markets are also the most competitive such as the big 3; health, wealth, and love.

    If you are a newbie I would get into a smaller niche with not a lot of competition such as physical products, gaming, and learning an instrument.

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    Are there buyers in the niche?

    Unless of course if you are doing it as a hobby.
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  • The first is traffic - will you have the targeted traffic and how much this will be.
    Then comes keywords - your niche may have several possible keywords and you should research and choose the most searched one. Don't forget to check the competition on that keyword
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  • That the visitors coming to your site are so damn desperate to buy something they are literally shaking with excitement or shivering with fear of not having what you offer!

    just make sure there is a converting product for the niche you are getting into!
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    the first thing that comes to my mind if i am researching a niche is -how rewarding the niche is ?

    By which i mean - the money in Niche ---How many adsense ads are there for the niche , how many products and offers you can find for the niche , cpc of keywords , adsense ads for different countries.
    if its amazon kinddaa niche try searching for similar products in other affiliate marketplaces.
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    The others are right above. The more specific you are the more targeted your traffic will be, of course if there's only a hundred searches in the world you're probably not going to make much money. Do your research. Make sure you're using keyword tools to find the traffic searches you're looking for.
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  • You need to start where people are spending money and work on that niche. Go where there are already people making money and promote products that have been proven to sell well. You choose niches where there is a need.
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    Make sure it is a niche that has repeat interest so you can sell to the customer over and over again. For example if you are in the stereo niche, you sell to a customer, they buy their stereo that is pretty much it. The customer has their stereo and they are now set for the next 10 years.

    However, if you are in sports equipment customer will always want the latest products to increase their performance. Or music, people will always want to play better music. This gives you the option to sell to the customer again and again.
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    When you are looking at a niche take into account:

    * Demand (Hunger) How hungry is that crowd.

    * Searches - Use the Google Keyword tool to see how many searches the keyword's get - the more the better.

    * Solution - What ARE they looking for?

    Find that out and give it to them and you will make $$$'s.

    Chris Jones
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      Originally Posted by Chri5123 View Post

      When you are looking at a niche take into account:

      * Demand (Hunger) How hungry is that crowd.

      * Searches - Use the Google Keyword tool to see how many searches the keyword's get - the more the better.

      * Solution - What ARE they looking for?

      Find that out and give it to them and you will make $$$'s.

      Chris Jones
      thanks for the tips. i searched one of my keyword phrases and it reported back 110,000 monthly global searches with "medium" competition. that does not seem like it would be enough to support a niche ebook - or is it?

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    I like to look at if there is a good amount of searches for the keywords that your planning to target I like to look for lon tail keywords that have at least 1000 searches on exact match. I then look to see if there are any buyer terms in my list then sort from there.

    It always helps to see if there any other advertiserd fot that niche because if money is being spent on ads then chances are money is being made in that niche.
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    Two things to consider when choosing a niche;

    1) The problem is keeping the prospects awake at night: weight loss (overweight bride-to-be), acne (someone who is not comfortable around guys), debt (someone who cannot sleep because of bills).

    2) The prospect will continue to buy one product after another, think of IM, weight loss niche, forex, product cannot satisfy people in these niche.
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    The business model you intend to use has a lot of influence in choosing a niche. Are you content with an adsense site or something you can essentially set on autopilot? Or is the venue to have the spotlight on you, "fame and fortune" - and a HUGE commitment of your time and effort day after day, week after week, month after month?

    And before you decide, double check how you intend to monetize. Some of these niches are a stretch with the available CB products; creating your own products is really not difficult but it does add to your responsibilities and you will have to deal with this before you make any sales.

    Again, it varies with the niche, model, etc., but the more developed your sales funnel, the larger your list of products, the greater your return over the next decade - if you can think that far ahead. Some niches are very sensitive to those random scientific breakthroughs and new technologies that spring from them; others are not.

    FWIW, I'm skeptical about the hard data we're being spoonfed about monetization. Much of it seems to be 18 months or more out-of-date. But buyers ARE important, and more so with some business models than others.

    Don't shy away from so-called "crowded" niches simply because they are crowded! As often as not they're crowded because there's money to be made there - even for startups with a little guts and a slightly "new and improved" WIIFM (taken from the buyers perspective, of course)!
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    Frank Kern's 3 criteria -
    1) Are the buyers in the niche irrationally passionate?
    2) Are they reachable?
    3) Are they large?

    Please read the forum rules.

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