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Just want to know how to improve this. Yes you can see it is improving but that is only due to one search of LSD. I have only had 90 clicks from Google which is pretty poor considering I have had my website for 4 months now. How can I improve this? What keywords should I put in, the ones with top searches or less competitive words?

Here is a screenshot of my webmastertools dashboard

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    You need to be higher raked for your keywords than position 100+
    Check the keyworsd you are starting to rank for and see what the competition is like. If they are not too strong then target them with a link building campaign.

    You should have been looking at your keywords before you even built your site but you ow need to go back to basics and decide on what keywords you want to use. That depends on your goals. Is this to be a long term authority site? then target high search volume medium competition keywords.
    If you want quick results then low competition keywords. Your decision will decide on how much work is needed to get the keywords to page 1.
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    One thing you will notice with webmaster tools is that as you get better ranking not only will your impressions increase but your click through rate will also increase.
    In order to do this you will want to target long tail keywords.
    Looks like you are mostly ranking (not all that well) for 1 and 2 word keywords.
    While the 1 and 2 word keywords are good for your long term strategy you will want to rank for long tails for the immediate traffic bump
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    Tony is 100% correct. You are working backwards. You should research your keywords first. If you aren't going to be developing a massive amount of unique content you need to pick keywords with less competition or you won't get anywhere. Try and think out side the box to find keywords that are relevant that that will bring in traffic but that won't be putting you into a positioning battle with a strong experienced SEO site.
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    Yeah I am with you Tony if you don't work on a good keyword research before building the site then it doesn't matter how good your site is it will say invisible as gain rank get too complicated.

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