Does Anyone Use an Amazon Kindle and What Do You Use It For?

by Ouroboros 5 replies
One of my friends got one of these as a contest prize. He's not Internet savvy and I guess he doesn't read alot either!

He offered it to me for a decent price, but being that I don't have a lot of money I'm wondering if it's worth it.

I've done some reading and I like the capabilities and having a book/ebook always handy would be nice, but I could see spending a lot for new books as time went on.

Can I download e-books to it so I can learn more about IM while I'm waiting at the dentist/doctors office?

Thanks or the help,
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    I am anxious to hear the answer to this too. I've been reading a lot about the Kindle lately and the comments all seem positive. It seems as though you can read ebooks and newspapers on it, as well as books. I love to read and am a gadget junkie so if it wasn't so expensive I would jump on it. Waiting to see if anyone on the forum uses one.
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      I've done some research on the old forum since I posted this and found some people that liked it...just curious if they still think it's useful.

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        I believe Paul Myers (Warrior) won a Kindle here at the forum.

        Surely a Google search will set you straight right?
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            Yes, I won a Kindle here. Nyeh nyeh nyeh!

            You definitely can get most PDFs onto it. You just send them to your (or address, and it will convert them. If you use the paid option, they charge $.10 to convert the thing, and it's downloaded directly to your Kindle the next time you turn it on and activate the wireless connection.

            If you use the free converter, it emails you a link to download the new book and you just copy it to the Kindle using the included USB cable.

            It doesn't handle tricky formatting well, but other than that and the color issues, it's great.

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              I have one and it is cool. The Kindle struggles with PDF that have graphics -- otherwise it pretty much can convert them but the formatting gets a little messed up. It's not a big deal though.

              Having said that, I would wait to buy one.

              After getting the Iphone 3G and seeing what a joy it is to read a full color PDF with touch control -- it's hard to use the kindle.
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