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hey guys, I am 18 and basically I want to make a living online in the near future. I have about 50$-150$ that I could possibly invest in. What is a reliable thing that brings in good amounts of money, what is the best option. I am so confused because their are so much programs and all.

Thanks guys really appreciate it!
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    Ed Dal's challenge is going on right now and it is free. You can get a good start without spending a lot of cash.

    But whatever you decide to do, pick a model and stick with it. Don't do like so many of us have done which is try Adsense one week, then try affiliate marketing, next you are trying to learn PPC. it goes on and on and you will have a hard time making progress if you don't stick with one thing.

    You will be way ahead of the game if you choose a method that jells with your personality and learn that one method as good as you can before trying something else.
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    I recommend setting up a niche site and promoting products as an affiliate. This is good for two reasons. First, because you are starting out, you don't have a product of your own so affiliate marketing is a quick way to start. Second, it's a way to test the market. If you find some success, then you can then go and create your own product and go deeper into the niche.

    Also try and build a list. It's a cliche, but it's true - The money is in the list. A long term business model is one that is based on having lasting relationships with your customers.

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    Doug has a good point... I've seen a lot of people skip around, with little or no success.. when I looked what they had done, it was almost always very poor quality work.

    They were giving up before actually learning the ropes..

    or worse yet - they gave up on something that was working.

    - I've seen people complain that they spent $100 on ppc, and only made back $200!!! They had hit a homerun, and thought they had struck out!

    - I've seen people start building a list to perhaps 500, do a mailing, make $40, and quit. If they had kept it up, a year later it would have been a list of 5k, and they'd be getting $400 from a mailing. It's not a fortune, but it's still just a small list.. but a few mailings a month is a decent side income. Not to mention, they could have scaled up their efforts in driving traffic to their opt-in form, or scaled out to other niches. Instead of 5k, they could have had 15k opt-ins.

    So 1 year later they are still struggling, when they could have been making several grand a month by then


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      Find a Mentor who has done it and can show you the ropes, otherwise its hit and miss

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    $50 to $150 usually just enough for you to get a domain and a hosting.
    So why not you try to blog.
    You can earn lot of way by writing a blog.
    - Affiliate
    - Place Ads
    - Google Adsense
    - Member fees
    - e-book
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    I wish I could go back to when I was 18...I would have done things very differently.

    Honestly, the 'method' isn't as important. Yes there are tons of different methods suggested everywhere, but most of them do work. But the only way they will work is if you focus completely on making it work.

    Choose one method, make a step-by-step plan, and keep following it until you see results. It may take longer than you expected, but if you keep sticking with it you will succeed.

    Facebook page for inspiration & JV opportunities-

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    Having $50 - $150 will start you off.
    One way is to go into Affiliate Marketing, get a domain and hosting and build a blog on a niche that you are interested in, write articles, have them backlinked etc and put on Bing and make money. Depends on you how much you really want to get there. GOOD LUCK and GO for it.

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    Make blog website and maintain website with the post and place Google adsence .

    You will get $ 200-300 per month from one website.
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    Yup, starting a blog is the most sensible and cost effective way to start in online marketing. It doesn't take much to start one and it could provide you a steady income in the long run. But first, you need to take stock of the things that your good at and the topics that you are interested in. It would be easier to create something from things that you are knowledgeable about. Once you have established your blog by having a respectable amount of regular traffic, you can monetize it by putting ads and affiliate links.
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    Regardless which methods you follow to make money online. Please always keep this two pointers with you.

    1) Stick with one proven system

    2) Write Valuable Content

    Save your money from now until you have find a proven system here.

    Study your market and come out with valuable content every day.

    Be consistent and you can overcome every obstacle.

    All the best and God Bless.
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    Good news!

    There is more than enough information on this forum to get you started.

    In my opinion though no-one can give you the EXACT steps i.e Do this first, and then this, etc...

    I have mentored a lot of people online and some have been successful whereas others followed a different path.

    Make sure you stick with one thing until you make it work and find YOUR path.

    Chris Jones
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    Affiliate marketing is a good start for you. You just need a strong niche site and promote products of other then gain from it.
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