how much do you chage to write a 'free' report?

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I mean to ghostwrite one for a business. I'm thinking about offering that in my area, but I'm trying to come up with prices...(we have mostly small businesses here.)

What would you charge?
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    One reference point, is one of the article sources that quotes per word prices, based on a writer quality scale.

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    I did a 10 page report for $97 a couple months ago, but that was a new client. I usually put up special offers to get new clients then I have their email so I can sell them regular price services.

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    What do you mean by a free report?
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    it doesn't matter what the buyer is going to do with the report. What matters is how much time you will invest in the report, as to what you charge for that.
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      I would charge double what it costs me to outsource it.

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    I charge $10-15 per page for most topics, $20 per page for topics that are more complicated, otherwise 2-3 cents per word.
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    Bill makes the main point... the price of the end
    product is irrelevant to you.

    Place a dollar value on your time... simply decide
    how much a year you want to earn, decide how
    many hours a week you want to work and then
    calculate your minimum hourly rate.

    Now work out how long it would take you to both
    research and write a ten page report.

    Now you know the minimum amount you need to
    charge per page to meet your income target.

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    I would say you check how much your time is worth, and what niche you are writing for.

    If the niche is pretty rare, then you must charge higher.
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    Another thing I do for clients that many have jumped on is rewrite PLR for a much lower price.

    When someone mentions that this is a free opt-in report I inform them that my prices are the same no matter what the product is going to be used for because I put the same time and care into writing it, but if it is out of their price range I can also rewrite a PLR product in their niche for a lower price. I normally charge 1-1.5 cents per word for this.
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      For sure, calculate how much time you expect the report
      will take you so you know the minimum you should be


      If you want to charge even higher fees, then focus on
      the VALUE and END RESULTS you help your client to
      achieve by using your report.

      Using VALUE-BASED pricing makes sure that you get
      paid for what your skills are really worth rather than
      just the time you've spent at the keyboard.

      Frankly, the client doesn't give a flying feck how long
      you spend writing the report so long as it produces
      results for their business.

      It takes more effort to do value-based pricing but in
      my experience it's worth the extra investment.

      Dedicated to mutual success,



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