25 000 page views per day and my Adsense figures are dissapointing.

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Hi warriors just looking for some advice on my adsense earnings.

Im currently getting 25 000 page views per day on my blog on a video game. I understand the gaming/entertainment niches ardent very lucrative but i believe im still underachieving in my earnings.

- earnings range from 10$ to 35$ per day
- ctr ranges from .13 to .40 %
- cpc from 25 to 60 c
- 3 adds - 2 image and 1 text. no link adds.
- 10$ worth of amazon and other affiliate
- thought about content lockers

Whats your opinions? Im semi new to the IM game so not sure whether i should be happy with these earnings in this niche? Thanks
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    It's hard to help without seeing it.

    But almost certainly you need to place your ads in more obvious places. Only use the large square type ads, and the wide skyscraper.

    — Melanie (RD)

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    I agree with rimam1, you should focus your attention on building a list instead, especially in your niche where people are addicted to gaming you should be able to continuously offer them something of interest to them. AdSense placement is very important and there are some guidelines that you can follow that will increase your adsense earnings
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    Your earnings are not bad for a game related site. In my experience, unless your content and the ads are highly targeted and related (for example if you don't have a "buy X game for cheap" article and "buy x game for cheap" ads) your CTR will not be above 1%.

    I wouldn't recommend a content locker as it will kill your readership shortly. Think for long term and add more content, drive more traffic. I really don't think you can do much about CTR in video games niche. But you could try CPA offers if you can find related gaming or electronics offers.

    If you think you cannot grow the site any longer, start another site similar to this one and develop it while you keep this one active and get its passive income.
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