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Here's my question and where I need your help. If you were offered a kick-ass investment course and were interested but very cautious, what are the top 10 questions you would want answering before you bought? The video series will answer each of these questions.

Your help will be most appreciated because I know you are all marketers.

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    Here are a few that come to mind...

    1. I've been scammed 9,832 times already, why
    should I believe that you're not going to be
    number 9,833?

    2. I just lost 30% of my portfolio in the past
    12 months; what safeguards are in place in
    your strategy to ensure this won't happen
    again to me?

    3. My current portfolio manager is an idiot,
    and your rhetoric sounds just like what he
    said... Are you his cousin?

    4. My daughter told me that her husband
    made $176,000 flipping houses last year.
    I was considering partnering with somebody
    to do that instead of this stock market
    stuff... Why would I stay in the market
    considering how much money I can make
    doing something else?

    5. I'm looking at this other website and the
    guy there says I can make 31% on my
    money and even my mother could do
    it while putting on her makeup. Your sales
    letter only says I can make 30%. I think
    the other guy sounds like a better deal,
    unless you have a reason why I shouldn't
    trust him... I don't know. I'm tired. What
    do you think?

    6. Listen, I know you're a big money player
    and you advise a lot of big money guys,
    but I've made my money being a school
    teacher. And... I didn't earn that much
    money teaching. Do you honestly believe
    that with my background and my very
    modest retirement account size that I'll
    be able to get the same results you
    Harvard-going Italian-suit-wearing Wall-
    Street folks are getting? I wish I had
    more money to invest. Even the cost
    of your program is giving me the shakes.

    ...I hope these have helped you a little.

    When I write copy for investment products,
    these are the types of objections I try to
    handle the entire way through the process.

    (And usually I do it by telling a story about
    a guy who, against all odds -- in other words
    every bad thing that they think they have
    going against them -- even worse odds than
    they have, succeeded by using a very simple,
    straight-forward, 10-minute-a-day strategy.)

    Good luck, my friend.

    -William Clements
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      I love your ideas - a blend of humor and exaggeration based on realistic real emotions. Thank you so much for your valuable help. It gives me a fresh approach to what I am about to do.


      PS: I checked your website. It's a pity for me that your giveaway project doesn't cover investment products!

      Wealthy Investor Limited

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    Move the freeline.

    Everybody hates it when the salesletter just tells you all these things are possible. For that reason, I like the reverse squeeze approach.
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      Originally Posted by Garrett Aren View Post

      Move the freeline.

      Everybody hates it when the salesletter just tells you all these things are possible. For that reason, I like the reverse squeeze approach.
      Hello Garrett:

      Thanks for the advice.

      I was not familiar with the term reverse squeeze page so I googled it.

      I think I already do something very similar. My index page is not a sales letter, it is a means for readers to get to know a little about me without being sold to. In fact, the main site is the first of two; the second one is the sales site and the address for that is available only in the free ebook or from subsequent autoresponders. On the initial site I make it impossible for visitors to buy anything so as to completely divorce my enthusiasm from any hint of sales.

      Having said that, at the end of this month when the graphics which illustrate a much-expanded product are ready the two sites will be rewritten and merged. Still, the index page will be a non-sales page. There just will be no strings if visitors want to move on to the sales part of the site.

      I am concerned that by splitting the message over two sites I actually interrupt the process and make sales more difficult. By combining the two parts of the overall message, visitors have the option of what they want to do.

      The publicity will refer readers to the index page but autoresponders resulting from a free download without a sale will refer visitors to the sales (I prefer the term 'explanation') page and I think the powerful combination of text and graphics (being done by the same person who did the convincing graphics for Traffic Geyser) will produce results.

      I'll find out if this works as well as I hope it will when I almost give it away to Warriors in March. If I get plenty of affiliates from that, that will confirm whether experienced marketers believe I am offering a worthwhile approach.

      All the best,


      Wealthy Investor Limited

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      Originally Posted by martinact420 View Post

      You need to think of questions you would want answered if you were going to buy your product, you know your product best, right? Otherwise, give it to me for free and I'll give you 10 questions
      Thanks martinact420: I did that, of course, but I am too close to the product and need fresh ideas. William's suggestions (all of which I had covered in my list but with too much seriousness) give me that freshness and now I have to look for some cartoon characters to put on the PowerPoint slides being used to make this series of presentations.

      Wealthy Investor Limited

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