Google Places - "Excessive capitalisation is not allowed" error.

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This is driving me nuts!

I'm setting up a Google PLaces account for a client and keep getting this error messgage:

• Excessive capitalisation is not allowed.

No matter what I try, I cannot get past this screen. The client is a gym and they have ""FX on the end of their business name. I've tried it in lowercase, which looks terrible... does not work, I can't leave it off as it is part of their business name.

I've written all the description in lowercase as well as the catogories.

Where in the world am I going wrong?

Thank in advance


Any suggestions would be highly appreciated
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    I've not heard of that one before!

    You could try...

    BusinessName FX (with a space)

    Business Name F X (with two spaces)

    B u s i n e s s N a m e F X (with many spaces)

    That's what I'd try off the cuff.

    Good luck!

    Dedicated to mutual success,



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    • Thanks Shaun,

      I eventually figured it out.

      It was the abbreviations in the "Qualified Bupa MCSP BSC. HoN Physiotherapist" title that Google did not like. I removed the capitals and it was all good to go.

      Will know for the future.

      Thanks for your help.

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