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I was checking out a site that is similar to mine and found there is no way to phone them and no email address to contact them! I thought this was weird. You can fill out a form to email them, but they want your phone number, and if you dont put in a phone number it wont send. Another odd thing, I thought.

How would anyone trust these people if you have no good means of contacting them? I fail to see why they need your phone number when you do provide an email address.

I find it hard to take them seriously with these two big mistakes that I have noticed.

Does anyone else think it's wrong to not include a phone #, email address and also, there's no indication of where they are located! Looks like it's in Canada but I cant be sure.
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    Yes, that's certainly a credibility-losing mistake from them, looking at it superficially.

    Does a "whois" search give any information about them?

    It may just be that they've actually split-tested that approach and decided to use it (though I doubt that, to be honest).

    I understand that some people input their phone numbers as something like 555-555-5555 into those things. It may be enough to submit the form?
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    We cannot trust people we don't know, never had any transaction with or have no reference about.

    Especially when they hide their contact details, they definitely have something to hide.

    The best thing to do is to make a search about them before making any decision.
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    Many times when they ask for a phone number where I know for sure they don't need it... I just write exactly that: "youdontneedthis" - and, usually, the form is happy with that :p

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