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Hello. I made this thread to thank a warrior, that is really awesome. Let me say that my english is not perfect, but ill try. Few days ago i made a thread bitching about how i cant make money. Ok its true, i was down i havent made money, etc... Then a warrior named Istvan Horvath posted there, that i could make some graphics for him, and of course i sent him a pm. Right away he sent me details for graphics, and i begin to work. The first graphics was a big "fail" compared to the last one. After i sent him the first one he kindly told me what he expect, what i should edit, etc. I made a new one, wich was off too. When he told me what he dont like and what should i edit, he also gave me few advices in every email, wich are very good advices and i hope i will remember most of them. I made quite few graphics untill he was satisfied (by my fault), and i dont even mind that as all his email anwsers was very kind and straight to point. But then finally i made a good one, and he asked for my paypal, no problem. I told him my paypal address, he paid me more than i ever made online, and right now im very happy. I really dont know how could i explain, he is the best guy i ever meet on WF. I really do hope we stay in touch not just because he paid me, but he is a really good person. Now i understand business better, i know how things works better, i know its possible to make money online, etc...

So thats my short story, i hope i havent missed anything

Once again, thank you Istvan Horvath
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    Istvan is a great guy and helps out people a lot. Nice story.
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      Cool ... I saw the beginning of that conversation a few days ago, in the other thread, and was wondering what, if anything, came of it. Like many here, I agree entirely with your comments about Istvan, even though he'll be embarrassed by this thread. It was good of you to post the update - thanks. And good luck to you.
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    This is a great story.

    I hope people see more than just the fact that one warrior helped another.

    True900 was open to honest feedback. Took what he was told and tried again....and again....and again. He didn't give up or get frustrated.....he just kept moving forward.

    Istvan not only offered him an opportunity, he took the time and patience needed with someone just starting out.

    Both of these people are true warriors.

    Thanks to both of you for reminding us of the importance of working together and helping each other out sometimes.
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    Well done. I believe in working with people to achieve the goals. Sometimes I have had clients who have said they want one thing when they actually need something else and together we have worked through it. Communication and honesty will get you a long way in any business. I would rather be honest and lose money than cheat to earn money.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
    Writer/Editor/Proofreader. Place orders.

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    The true act of "Paying It Forward".

    A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS! We need more Warrior's like this, not only on the forum but in the World... it never hurts to smile back, let alone take the time to help someone in need

    Thank you Warrior Forum!
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    Hey, thanks everyone for nice comments Now as i know its possible to make money online i will work for it, to establish business, not cry about it.

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    Thanks for sharing this and I wish you all the best with your graphics business. I too have been helped by Istvan on several occasions. Yes, he's tough, but once you get it right, he lets you know it - and in the process I've learned more from him that I could ever repay!

    Just a thought - why don't you post a link to your graphics services in your sig file?
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